Rare Full Moon on December 25th 2015

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This Christmas will be unlike most others since this year a rare full moon will brighten the night before the sun rises on Christmas Day 2015. It will be the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977, and it will shine overnight Christmas Eve as Santa and his reindeer make deliveries -- peaking early Christmas morning. The moon will reach peak size, perigee, at 5:11 a.m. central/ 6:11 a.m. eastern time on Christmas Day. December's full moon is known as a "Full Cold Moon," but it rarely falls on Christmas Day. At 11.11 GTM time this rare moon which has not been seen since 1977 will be visible. Many wonderful rituals can be done on this day. The next Christmas full moon won’t appear until the year 2034 Among some tribes, this moon was called the Full Long Nights Moon. In this month, the winter cold fastens its grip, and the nights are at their longest and darkest. It is also sometimes called the “Moon before Yule. “December Moon is also known as Oak Moon, Cold Moon, Winter Moon, and Wolf Moon. This is the time of the Dark Lord, with the Oak being his symbol. It is the time of rebirth. The zodiac association is Sagittarius.”

You'll want to include quarter candles, as well as a cup of wassail or other seasonal drink. If you're including Cakes and Ale as part of your celebration, place your cakes on the altar as well. A basket of pine cones, fir boughs, mistletoe or holly Cranberries and nuts Bright suns and stars Cinnamon Stick Ribbons in seasonal colors Hold the Green candle to the north, light the green candle, hold it to the sky. We call upon the powers of Earth, and welcome you all to this circle. You hold the seeds within you, warm and deep Place the candle on the altar. Raise the candle Yellow candle to the east lights the yellow candle/ beeswax candle, raises it to the sky, and say We call upon the powers of Air, and welcome you to this circle. The whirling winds of winter bring snow and cold to our hearths and homes. They also bring with them change, opportunity, and renewal as they blow. Place the candle on the altar. Moving to the south, light the red candle and hold it to the sky, saying We call upon the powers of Fire, and welcome you to this circle. May you keep us safe, and warm our homes, the spirit of the sun. Place the candle on the altar. Finally, light the blue candle to the west, and hold it to the sky, say We call upon the powers of Water, and welcome you to this circle. Snow and ice, sleet and rain, wash away that which we no longer need. Place the candle on the altar. Have everyone in the circle join hands or open hands out stretched and say We gather tonight to rejoice by the light of the moon. We celebrate the season of darkness, knowing that the next turn of the Wheel will bring light. We use this time of darkness for thought, introspection, and growth. As the moon above, so the earth below. Go around the circle, passing the wassail. As each person takes a sip, they should share one change they plan to make in the coming months. Now is a good time to make plans for future, with the coming change of seasons. what goals have you set for yourself? How will you make them manifest? Take a moment to reflect on darkness of the season, and know that without it, there can be no light. When everyone is ready, either move on to your next ceremony of Cakes and Ale, Drawing Down the Moon, healing rites, you can also search this forum for the wine and cake ritual and use it here, then end the ritual. Tips: Quarter candles are colored candles based on the colors of the four cardinal directions: green for north, yellow for east, red to the south and blue in the west. Thanks Blessing flow

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