Feeling Witchy and Stiking to it

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Sometimes it's hard to believe you are witch and/or that this path is right for you. In this article I talk what to do to prevent such a moments of doubts.

1. Keep Words Near. I can?t stress enough how many things I discovered about world and myself since I started daily journal 14 days ago. I discovered that I change not with every week nor month. No, I change with every day. And so does my power. Each day a part of me dies to give birth to new me. It lets me learn, lets me grow. I keep it in form of letters to my guides or if I need help to one particular guide depending on how I feel. My journal is digital, because it?s easy to edit. Writing is very important thing in witchcraft. Witches always have kept many hand written books and journals near themselves. Words especially in witchcraft have power. They change people. Though words you?ve written you see how much you have changed, which makes you empowered and helps you suit your practice to your needs. You can write anything. Journal is good start, but you can also go all hardcore and try to trace your own feelings and magic within books you?ve read and fiction you?ve written. 2. Listen To Whispers. In my culture, by people who respect us, we are called Whisperers (Szeptuchy). It?s because as witches we can hear things others can?t and stay between the two worlds without being dragged to either side. Whisper is like a half word. It appears directly in your mind. Unlike scream, it's barely heard and only good ears can catch it. Most important whispers are your thoughts. They carry very underrated power. Though thoughts ghosts, spirits and yourself are communicating. But you never notice. Because you prefer to hear screams of others. Quiet your mind and start replying out loud to whispers. Start listening. Start understanding. Know yourself and you?ll know when a whisper is not yours. You?ll know when a whisper is disguised scream, that wants to harm you or light that wants to help you. Talk to yourself. You?ll thank yourself for it, believe me. 3. Look Around. Look at what is in front of you. Is there anything pretty around you? Stars perhaps? Music? People? Yourself? Your imagination? Tea? Seriously I can go on like that forever. The thing is, if you can?t find magic in simple, everyday things your own magic will be weak and powerless when confronted with this harsh reality. The reality is built on fear and realism as opposed to love and imagination. Imagination that you use for witchcraft. Imagination that is your power. Thank for little things that make you feel different. Things that make you, your reality and your own world inside your head unique. Because here is the thing: You are unique. This world is trying to tell you you are not, but you must to stand up with a brunch of your magical trinkets and say with total child-like innocence: hey look at that amazing stuff! They make me so important and pretty and magical! You wanna some? Be your child. Don't let anyone kill your child. Your child is what keeps your magic alive. And world just wants to kill it. You can't let that happen. You must be brave and find the magic in those things in spite of the world. 4.Do it! Do a ritual to feel witchy! I am totally serious. If you have problem try solving it with spell. Even when you are totally doubting if it will work. Even if none of your spells manifested before and you feel terrible with it. If you do just grounding correctly, believe me or not you will feel amazing. It will make you feel like you can do anything. just one spell. It can me anything. Even simple luck spell. Or saving photo of jar full of money with intention on earning more. If you want, if you have strong will, anything can happen. You can even have a freaking astral wings or read minds, if you want. All it takes is to stop doubting yourself. Because this is what witchcraft is about: it give you power to change reality. It gives you power to stop fearing about your own life. Power to improve. Power to heal and fix.

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