Protective and Combative Magick

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Protective and combative magick is harder than it seems; here is a guide to the art.

Protective magick and combative magick can be used to keep out negative energies, or to be the aggressor and send out those curses and hexes. Most of it comes down to persistent concentration and visualization, when concerning protective magick. Protective Magick The most common method of protecting oneself from the onslaught of negative energy, curses or hexes is creating a protective sphere. This can be practiced daily to ensure a strong protection. After awhile, you may be able to hold a sphere with barely any thought. When you first start creating the sphere, you must be sure to relax yourself. Draw out any tension in your body. Make sure to drain out any negativity you can before creating your sphere. Now, visualize a sphere rising from the ground and encasing you. You can also chant a verse if you wish to strengthen it. Hold this visualization. This will protect you from any negative energy. The common sphere lasts for about a day before having to strengthen it again. To do this as a beginner, kneel on the ground and draw energy from yourself into the sphere. Once you become accustomed to creating a sphere and strengthening it, you may be able to hold its strength for days or even weeks. However, make sure to create a porous sphere, so when you cast spells or send out energy, it is able to pass through. This is more difficult, but can be achieved with practice. Another protective method is to create an environmental ward. This is a specific area that is used to guard against negative energy. It holds for much longer than a sphere, because your own energy isn't being used here. The only downside is that it is not a means of mobile protection. To create this sanctuary, visualize a sphere drawing itself out from the earth and encasing the area you wish to be protective. You will not need to use your energy to strengthen it, because the Earth's natural energy will hold it. This usually lasts for about two weeks. Combative Magick Combative magick mainly consists of curses and hexes. These are negative energies, usually caused by black magick, that is targeted towards a specific thing or person. There are many hexes and curses you can learn, so I won't list them all here. The only thing I will say is to use them wisely. My rule is to never attack unless being attacked. Even then, defensive magick can work better most times than revenge. However, if you do decide to use this magick, you need to make sure you have very strong emotions towards the person or thing you are cursing/hexing. These emotions will greatly strengthen your spells when casting them, and will cause them to be much more effective or successful. If you perform a curse or hex with no emotion about the person or thing either way, it will most likely fail. Positive emotions can also cause them to fail. If you are creating your own combative spell, be sure to rely heavily on symbolism, and use things that represent the person or thing you are wishing to send the negative energy to. Put thought into every step of your spell, and it will be much stronger. Use things that symbolize aggression, darkness, illness, or anything that has to do with your curse or hex. Hopefully these tips helped give you a basic understanding of protective and combative magick. If you'd like to know anything more, it's fine to mail me.

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