Best Times For Spells

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A guide to the best time to cast different sort of spells.

-TIMES OF DAY- DAWN Spells for study, business, and employment, purification, and new beginnings. NOON Spells for strength, courage, protection, success, opportunity, and money issues. This is when you get the full powers of the sun, so it's best for maximum energy. SUNSET Spells for release, letting go of illness, heartbreak, and failure, banish misery and pain, breaking addictions, and negative habits. NIGHT Spells for self development, psychic awareness, divination, spirituality, love, peace, healing and release. -DAYS OF THE WEEK- MONDAY Psychic work, prophecies, dreams, emotions, travel, fertility, insight, and wisdom. TUESDAY Victory, courage, strength, success, defense, wards, and protection. WEDNESDAY Communication, arts, transportation, change, luck, chance, creativity, gambling, fortune. THURSDAY Abundance, protection, prosperity, strength, wealth, healing. FRIDAY Love, birth, fertility, romance, friendship, pregnancy, passion. SATURDAY Banishing, protection, wisdom, spirituality, cleansing. SUNDAY Success, promotion, fame, wealth, prosperity. -MOON PHASE- NEW MOON New beginnings, initiation, birth, starting projects, planting gardens, renewal, rebirth, possibility, expansion, strength, release. WAXING MOON Cultivate projects, develop spells, movement, building, focus, growth, support, will, persistence, strength, gain. FULL MOON Drawing down the moon, fertility, relationships, strength, work, joy, happiness,fulfillment, full strength, power. WANING MOON Banishing, release, endings, resolutions, final outcomes, clearing, rebirth, preparation, rest. -MONT/TYPES OF MOON- JANUARY-OLD MOON-QUIET MOON Protection. FEBRUARY-WILD MOON-QUICKENING MOON Planning. MARCH-PLOW MOON-MOON OF WINDS Fulfillment of desires and goals. APRIL-BUDDING MOON-PLANTING MOON Planting and gardening. MAY-WILLOW MOON-BRIGHT MOON Career and jobs. JUNE-MEAD MOON-HONEY MOON Balance and spirituality. JULY-HAY MOON-BLESSING MOON Future, after your goals have been met, movement. AUGUST-CORN MOON-STURGEON MOON Preservation, health, wellness. SEPTEMBER-HARVEST MOON-FRUIT MOON Thanksgiving, home, herbal and food magick. OCTOBER-BLOOD MOON-HUNTER'S MOON Spirituality, scrying, dreams, honouring the past. NOVEMBER-DARK MOON-BEAVER MOON Banishing spells, release, dispel negativity. DECEMBER-OAK MOON-WOLF MOON Gemstone magick, steadfastness, strength.

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