Meditation Basics.

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This article covers the basic techniques of meditation and builds a foundation for greater meditational work.

Before we begin meditation it is helpful too understand why we need too meditate in the first place. We as humans live our lives day by day doing the things that we want as well as the things that we must do too stay alive like eat, drink and sleep. We go too school, we work at jobs, we pay our bills, we take care of our families. But as we emerse ourselves in this life that we live we lose touch with another aspect of ourselves and that is our spiritual sides. And as we lose our connection with this aspect of self it creates a change in energy within us that can be readly seen and felt. When we have no spiritual cultivation we experience strong negitive emotions, stress, anxiety and other things that we may not even realize. Thus the goal is too return too our spiritual roots and re establish the equailibrium within us between the spiritual and the physical. Those who are balanced with both sides are grounded and strong in all aspects of their lives and can find great inner peace. A big difference from the wondering lost feelings we may have come from. So how do we find this inner spirituality we have lost? The answer is spiritual dicipline. It is easy too get into the state that we are in right now. We may not have even realized that we are going down that path. However too go back too the balenced state requires work. We have too put in effort and that effort creates change within us. And sometimes that work is easy yet most times it is an uphill battle and only those who are determined can travel the mountin path. But the first step is always too stop! Cease your forward momentum and come to the area that you can turn around. Meditation is a spiritual dicipline first and formost with the goal of helping us too do just that STOP! When we meditate we step back from the frantic physical lives that we lead and we come too a stop. A place of peace where we can objectivly view the world around us, look at the roads that stand before us, and through careful thought and contemplation choose the path that is for us. Many people who teach meditation overlook this simple fact. That meditation is first off a way too slow down, stop, and relax ourselves. People tend too jump into focusing on things in the mind or opening chakras or whatnot and all these things are good but these are advanced concepts that require a good firm foundation too be effective. Like the world in which we live, a balance of physical and spiritual so too is meditation. There is a physical aspect of meditation and there is a spiritual aspect of meditation. There are many techniques of meditation as well. Techniques that cover different aspects and accomplish many different things. So its not just sitting cross legged and chanting for hours and hours on end. It is a living and breathing form of spiritual dicipline that can change your whole prospective in life and is essential for any practitioner of the craft. Witches use meditation for this very purpose! So that we can step back from the physical lives we live and dance in the place between the worlds in tune with both aspects of reality and in a place to work true magick. The last thing I want too say here in this article is this. Meditation is like most magick. Do not approach it with preconcieved notions of what will happen and what is supposed too happen. Work within your own means and keep an open mind too all things. And above all remember its ok too fall asleep!

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