A Guide to the Misguided

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This site holds many members, it also gains new members everyday. Each day, a member asks about something impossible, or someone that scams, likes to try and misguide those interested in learning.

Now, in the world of online, people are able to hide their identities. Those who claim that they have studied magic for years and years, and are offering spells for money, probably are beginners/fakers, who are trying to make a quick buck, praying on the newbies. The worst thing you can do is play into their scams by paying them or even consulting with them. In most cases, you can find a scammer by looking on their forums, they will divulge their emails (I do not suggest doing stuff like that, it's against the site rules). Real practitioners will not do online spells, or anything related to that online.

Now, we are going to move on to the topic "fluff", this is a category or title, which ever you prefer to call it, given to a member who believes in impossible feats, showing no respect for the site, arguing over ranks, ..etc. I want to make this clear though, there are two ranks that are invisible, "Fluff" and "No Rank", do not have a color. So, if a person doesn't have a rank, that doesn't necessarily mean that he/she has a "Fluff" rank. It can mean that he/she is either new, or haven't provided enough informative posts or haven't shown enough knowledge to be recognized by people who hold "Knowledgeable" or "Adept" rankings.

You can, most of the time, know which profiles are fluff based by looking at the "Bio" or "About Me". It will sometime exaggerate impossible feats, such as "I am the son of Hades" or "I am a god who was sent down to earth", stuff like that. There are also people who claim they can control the elements, as well as people who claim they are more "powerful" than everyone. Last, but not least, there are people who say they have the power to remove people's "magic", this isn't true, our "power" runs from the energies, that is what magic is, to take away our magic, they would have to remove the energy inside us, which is impossible.

The more common fluff would be, people who claim or ask about "Transformation" spells, in which either ends with them understanding, sort of, or it ends up with a big huge debate. Spells can not physically transform anything, that isn't how magic works. If you are new to magic and seriously want to learn, you should start with the basics. There is great information on this site, if you go into the "Forums" there is AwakeTooLong's "The Basics: Expanded" and then there is Starries "Starting Out" forum, you can find both in the General Info. section.

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