Fantasy spells andsome other fantasy stuff.

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This here shows about fantasy spells and other things.

Fantasy spells can make us fairies, werewolves, or vampires! But can those spells actually work? No, they don't. Usually, I think people have put them up either just to get people to try it or they just think it works. Then I assume (I know assuming is bad, usually when assuming, I have no idea what they think about those spells, so don't get all angry at me) that either they haven't done the basics of magic or learn it yet, or they just want people to believe that those spells actually work when they say "it worked on me". (I posted a fantasy spell and I didn't realize until about a month ago. Lesson learned.) Other things about fantasy things is that (for example) people who actually claim to be a fake thing. Ignore them, its best if you did that. People might think that summoning fairies is fake. Well, you can summon fairies, just be careful though when summoning one, they can mess with your stuff.

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