Full Moon Ritual

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The full moon reflects the Mother, whose maturity and nurturing inspires the best in us, her children. It is a night for fulfillment and manifestation---a time to gather what we sow, to take responsibility, and to respectfully weave the power within us without fear. With this Ritual you can get answers to any question

(** =not required its perfectly fine if those are not used )

-Candles are not required

-Alter is not required

The least you need is :


-a glass of water

-Most important: A full moon

**Prepare a ritual bath with feminine, lunar, or water herbs to honor the moon's fullness. Suggestions include jasmine or mint (lunar), chamomile or lily (water), and rose or vanilla (feminine).**

**Find a large bowl into which you can place your moon candle so it's surrounded by water. Affix the candle to the center of the bowl using some melted wax, then add water until it's three-quarters full. Pour a little pearly white dishwashing soap on the surface of this so it looks like a full moon!**

**The Altar: Besides these preparations, you will also need two white or silver candles, a round mirror, and a white or blue cloth. If possible, choose ritual clothing that is white or silver in color.**

**Cover the altar with the cloth . A little silver tinsel left over from Yule is a nice touch: when illuminated by candles, it looks much like moonlight. To the right and left of the altar, place the white or silver candles to represent the Divine. The round mirror (the moon) goes at the center, with the moon candle behind it.**



Celestial Winds, come dance and sing;

With you, airs of inspiration bring.

Full and rich, to my heart,

All your wisdom pray impart.


Cosmic Fires, come dance and sing;

With you, sparks of cleansing bring.

Full and rich, to my heart,

All your strength pray impart.


Astral Waters, come dance and sing;

With you, waves of insight bring.

Full and rich, to my heart,

All your creativity pray impart.


Stellar Earth, come dance and sing;

With you, soils of flowering bring.

Full and rich, to my heart,

All your rooting pray impart.


Shining Spirit, come dance and sing,

With you, the magic of harmony bring.

Full and rich, to my heart,

All your power pray impart."

Meditation and Visualization:

Sit down where you are and breathe deeply. There is no need to rush; now is a time of softness, of quiet knowing. See yourself in your mind's eye as you sit. Above you is a smiling moon, in full glory.

As you look upon the lunar sphere, you see that the light is alive. It dances, and sings a special song. It jumps from the surface like a fire and travels downward to embrace you. The touch is cool, yet warm.

It reaches beyond your skin and saturates every pore, every cell----you are the moonlight; you are the shadow of a star.

There is no body now to hold you back. Let your spirit fly with the moon wherever it needs to go. Make notes about this experience afterward in your ritual journal.

The actual ritual for a full moon will depend greatly on the focus you chose. One thing I do recommend, however, is including a Moon Charge shortly after your invocation.

An example of a Full Moon Charge begins by lighting a long handled match and holding it to the sky, saying:

"Mother Moon, welcome!

Mother Moon, come!

Your tides of power bring fulfillment,

And your beams bear the realization of change."

After that take something with water in it something simple like a bowl full of water or even a glass of water.

Look to the surface of the water Take a deep, cleansing breath and say:

"Tides that sway and tides that flow;

As above, so below.

The moon once small, now fully seen

In this bowl, my future bring."

Then ask any question you want to know but you must be calm an example would be "Will I ever find true love" once your question is asked you will see a black orb that will form into the answer of your question kind of like your watching a show

See what movement, shapes, or images appear in the light that dances on the water. Clockwise movement portends good things to come in the next month. Counterclockwise swirling represents the need for caution. Take mental note of any shapes and images that strike you with additional insight. For example, clockwise movement forming a heart would indicate a love interest making itself known before the next full moon.

Other Activities:

If you need improved finances , turn your wallet or purse by the light of a waxing crescent moon three times to draw money to you. Make sure you first spy the full moon outdoors. This brings luck.

To dream true , go out on the first night of a full moon and whisper your desire for a visionary dream to the Lady. (This procedure is especially effective when you wish to see a future mate.) Return inside in silence, and go directly to bed. Keep a notebook handy so that you can record your dreams upon waking.

Take your moon mirror outside on the second night of the full moon and let the light shine upon it. Then use that mirror for scrying the future.

Finally, sow magical herbs during the waxing-to-full moon cycle to improve their heartiness and power.

Closing the Circle:


Stellar Earth, your blossoms close,

But in my heart their fragrance grows.


Astral Waters, your waves subside,

Into my heart, there to reside.


Cosmic Fires, your sparks wane,

But in my heart, they live again.


Celestial Winds, your airs fade,

But carry the magic, as I bade.


Shining Spirit, your song still sings,

And with it now the magic brings."

Post-ritual Foods:

Make white moon cakes, or enjoy other white foods such as cauliflower, pita, milk, and cucumbers. Also consider seafood since the ocean is strongly connected to the lunar cycle.

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