Beginners Breathing Exercises (1)

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Information on beginner breathing exercises.

Breathing exercises are some of the most powerful ways of amplifying the spiritual power, These breathing exercises also stimulate your body, mind and helps with meditation. There are advanced breathing exercises but in order to perform these correctly and effectively the [Beginners Breathing Exercises] should be mastered because advanced breathing exercises are built upon the Beginners Breathing Exercises.


1. Sit with your spine straight, you may also stand if you wish

2. Breathe in through your nose:

3. Hold for 5, 8 or 10 counts [whichever is most comfortable, without straining] . NEVER push this!

4. Exhale with contracting your lower abdominal muscles, then your mid-section [lower lungs] , then your upper lungs, until completely empty of breath

Steps 1-4 constitute one round. Perform 5 rounds.

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