What I think magic is!

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This article is to show you what I think magic is, and what my thoughts about it are. I also explain what magic was to me before I learned real magic and what it was to me after I did!

What is magic? To me, magic is like  the air, invisible, but yet, we can feel it's energy. For others, science, a different kind. Magic is what we can use for several things like, wishing (which doesn't always work), help us practice, and other great things!

What upsets me a little when I see other things, like the movie "Frozen". Their kind of "magic". I think it's just fantasy. And in other places, when you Google it, they put up their own spells, saying that they guarantee 100% that it will work, when really, they don't.

Before I came to this site, I thought magic could be used for fantasies, like getting powers, turning into a neko, and other stuff. But when I learned that they didn't work, I started asking questions to myself like "why isn't it working?", "how come the powers don't work?", and a lot of other questions. But when I came to this site (when I hadn't signed up yet) I saw a lot of things that could help me learn why they weren't working. The reason why is that magic can't give us powers or make us a neko. After signing up, I was able to access other places that could help me even more. That's when I thought, "Magic can't give us powers or make us a neko, but can help you be more with it!" I also started learning how to make psi balls (ki balls), unlocking my aura, and practice on more spells.

I also thought magic is a unknown thing that we don't understand, but magic is a thing where we can learn more about it. I know lots of other people have thoughts what magic is to them before they learned real magic and what magic is to them when they learned real magic. So those are my thoughts on magic and, how I thought magic was before and after I learned real magic.

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