Vampyre Realistic view #1

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This is part one of a series debunking some of the statements regarding Vampyre Practitioners. Consider this, the critics review:)

Vampyre Realistic view Vamps and speed Some state one following the Vampyre path could be faster than others. This could be accurate however; I’m quite cretin I’m faster than many other people as well. Some people are more athletically inclined than others; it’s a simple part of life. I was always the fastest in school and stronger than most, but I don’t fit the Vampyre path nor do I claim to. Vamps and healing Some people state a Vampyre may heal quicker than others. Depending on the wound, this is possible, but it could be possible for non Vampyre Practitioners. I have had some wounds heal more quickly than others. I have found quick action in wrapping a cut and wrapping it tightly seems to allow it to heal quicker. Vampyre Death Can Vampyres be killed via stake through the heart, burning, decapitation and or drowning them? What about suffocation, starvation, and or dehydration? Of course they can be silly. If I put a stake through your heart, set you ablaze with gasoline, chopped your head off, tied a brick to your feet and dumped you in the middle of a lake to drown, suffocated you, gave you no food or water, wouldn’t you die? I can’t see anything supernatural about this and anyone that can’t see the correlation between these types of death for any type of person may want to consider professional help. It is not normal to believe all people could not be killed this way.

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