Real Tantric (sexual) Vampyre

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Tantric (sexual) Vampyre Tantric sex is the process of combining the spiritual practices of the Hindu people with sexual acts. This said, it should be no surprise that a Tantric Vampyre would indulge in sexual gratification. Given this type of Vampyre fits into the sub heading of an energy or PSI (Y) Vampyre, it should also be no surprise this type of Vampyre often feeds off the energy created during copulation, more notably the energy created at climax. While some people may consider this type of Vampyre evil, no Vampyre is any more evil or less evil than any other human on the earth. While a Vampyre may or may not have a non human soul and may or may not identify as something other than human, the bottom line is, they are all in human form and have the same limitations of any other human. All people are both good and bad it simply depends on the vantage point of the onlooker. It has been noted that many Practitioners following the Vampyre or other predatory paths have acknowledged they enjoy taking in sexual energy, regardless of PSY, Sang or anything else. This type of Vampyre may or may not use a sense of charm as well as poise to get close to people. In some cases manipulation is also used and even dominance depending on the situation. Some Vamps will use any means to obtain the energy he or she wishes to have. Most Tantric Vampyres will not roam the streets for new sources of energy (donors) as they are well aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases; some simply tend to have a greater lust for copulation in order to feed than do others. This type of feeding is only one of many types the Vampyre could use and realistically, there is no different than an aroused man looking for a fun night or many fun nights. While many people may not realize it, Tantric Vampyres don't receive gratification or energy strictly from the energy released during climax. Some Vamps can feed off of the connection the Vamp may have with the donor/mate or partner depending on the relationship. There are also Vampyres that are fueled by admiration one has for them. Admiration by another is often a driving force for many non Vampyre practitioners. During copulation, the Vampyre can feed not only on the climax, but the pleasure that goes with the act of making love. Some Tantric Vampyre Practitioners can feed off pornography or even sexual energy released at strip clubs, night clubs, raves, or even concerts. Like the PSI(Y) Practitioner, energy can be taken from many places. Some Practitioners can gain energy through sperm as well as the donor/mate's sweat glands. Some Tantric Vampyres indulge in S&M behavior, though it's noted many non Vampyres also indulge in this activity.

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