Picking a spell

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This will be a short article in how to pick a spell.

Now picking a spell is important, you don't want a fluff one, nor do you need one. However...these are some short tips on when to do it, and what can best suite your needs. Following days detail a description of the day, the planet, and what spell you can do. Monday *********** Planet :Moon Spells : motions, the Subconscious, Domestic Issues, Feminine Issues Also Included : Psychic pursuits and Dream Work Tuesday ********* Planet :Mars Spells : Self-Assertion, more Energy, Courage ,Victory & Passions Also included : Masculine Goals in general Wednesday ************** Planet :Mercury Spells : Mental Issues, Communication, Education, Self-Expression Consulting Oracles (tarot, runes), Planning Magickal Work, Writing Thursday Jupiter Prosperity & Money, Luck & Business Political Power, Influencing People in High Places, Law & Courts Friday Venus Love, Friendship, Beauty, Sensuality, Healing, Peace, Harmony Spells for Artistic Ability & Creativity Generally Saturday Saturn Overcome Obstacles, Neutralizing Harmful Energy, Binding, Banishing Proctecting by Blocking or Pushing Away Negative Forces Sunday Sun Physical Strength, Obtaining Goals, Illumination, Initiating any Magickal Activity many kinds may be done on this day, the Sun is giving energy to them all, but best for Healing & Success

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