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More or so about your dreams

Dreams are a wonder that we all get. The interesting thing about them is that we all get them sometime or another. I heard once that dreams are just a bunch of pictures that flash across our minds when we awake, but I don't think so. Dreams have so many different meanings and so many different messages.

Sometimes spirit guides, or maybe a loved one, gods and goddess, will appear in your dream. They usually bring a message or will just appear to you for you to figure out later, or possibly just to say hello. Dreams will also have hidden meanings, like a common dream is you flying. Just like in your dream, you've most likely surmounted a big obstacle in your life. At this moment, you may feel free of limitations, and open to making unfettered decisions.

At times, we may even have a nonsense dream. A dream that has no meaning and is just random events happening without a meaning. These happen often for we all usually dream every time we fall asleep.

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