Shadow Magick Theories

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Title is self explanatory.

Shadow Magick Theories

The more I hear about Shadow magick, the more curious I become regarding how it is applied in the present world of the arts.

I have seen Shadow Magick being referred to when speaking about the Darker aspects of the divine. Darker aspects appear related to Hecate, Kali, Baphomet, Set and other deities of the dark aspect of the moon.

Shadow magick may also mean the shadow self hiding in ones subconscious or ones subconscious mind. Often times in Luciferian and Satanic arts, the subconscious is referred to the Shadow self. In this case, the shadow self is often seen as the things in life you have not yet dealt with or that chip away at your mental and or emotional state.

Shadow can also be used as another word for the soul.

Shadow magick can also mean a person that uses white and black and appears to be a new word for gray magick.

Old time use of Shadow magick that I was brought up with is simply using a shadow to do something. Along this old line, shadow magick can also be working with actual shadows or entities or other shadow forms.

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