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Beginner, ritual creation People have asked how to create a ritual. The answer to this depends upon the practitioner and type of ritual one is seeking. If you’re seeking a large ritual you may want to add some components. The basics of a ritual are simple. Any ritual must have a desire or desired outcome. Are you performing the ritual to draw you closer to a deity or to cast a spell or both? The basics of a ritual are as follows. Desire, will, knowledge. You must have the desire to cast, the will to do so, and knowledge to make it happen. From there you may use the below. Cast a circle if you wish. Some people use it others don’t. Call the watchtowers or other spirits if you chose to use them. Some practitioners do, others don’t. Call the deity or deities of choice. Many practitioners’ do this at this time, some don’t. Why your there. Every practitioner knows why he or she is there. If you had no intent, you would be there. The actual working. This is when you do what you intended to do. This can be casting a spell, giving honor to a spirit or whatever it is you have chosen. Meditation is done at this point by some practitioners’, though others don’t. Eating or drinking. Some practitioners’ have corn bread and juice or another piece of food and wine (not recommended for children). Some practitioners’ skip this part of the process others don’t. Meditation; some practitioners’ chose to meditate at this point, others don’t. Thanking the spirit(s) you have called. It’s respectful to thank the spirit called (summoned). Do all people do this? likely not, but it can’t hurt. Closing a circle after the working; if you opened it, you should close it. This is an act that brings the practitioner back to the physical world.

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