Wolf Path Cant

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The below is an altered for of a chant found in the Werewolf bible. I did edit it to make it rhyme. I may have also added a thing or two, I don't recall.

Werewolf Chants The below is an example of a chant that can be used however; any chant or mantra will work including but not limited to the werewolf prayer to Marchosias. The important thing is to be repetitive and use a commanding tone enabling your mind to follow the words you speak to accomplish the desire. Begin by sitting in a position that is comfortable to you, likely having your eyes closed and your back straight, with your legs crossed and your hands folded in your lap. Begin by taking two slow and deep breaths, then return to normal breathing. Chant Submission does not exist within this vestal nor does defeat My will remains superior to all others, victory is my only feat.

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