Werewolf Path Lenvocation

This article was added by Black Cross

The below is found within the Wolf Path. The information was taken from the Werewolf bible as well as Legacy Chronicles 2nd edition and I made a few changes when writing it.

The Lenvocation of the Wolf Behold! By thy fang and thy claw, by the premise of right being of might, I summon the wolf that lies within out from Acheron, the river of woes flowing through Hades! I call ye to come forth by thy instinct as well as intellect, I command thee to appear! Behold! I am thy master as well as creator of mine own destiny! I am the very Beast lying within all men! I am the Wolf whose coat is as Black as the new moon lit night! Arise the and appear! Oh brothers of my pact! Observe, the howling scream of my command!

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