Turn Into a demon?

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People say turning into a demon isn't real but is it. Based from a book I'm reading if its correct then its real just for illusion.

Based from a book I'm reading then Turning into a demon is real only for the illusion. How? Well in the theory of Egyptian Gods Ra sailed down the Houses of The Night in the Duat guided by gods. The Duat is basically Earth but way different well how low you look into the Duat. But kind of a different world in all and the land of Demons if humans survive to get there, a ghost, or god they will need either a spell or a disguise. A spell if you where human and a disguise if you where a ghost basically same thing but different stuff. So if you ever got into the Land of Demons and turned yourself into a demon it would just be a disguise which if to much wind would brush off. So it might be an illusion or a fake.

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