Sun Gazing

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Everything you need to know about the art of sun gazing

Some of the great benefits of Safe Sun Gazing are: Physical Benefits: ( Can be felt in 3-6 months of Practice) Improved vision. Improved health and immune system. Never get sick again. Aids natural healing from various kinds of diseases and ailments like CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Migraine, etc. Increased energy Reduction in hunger eventually leading to Inedia (Breathanarian or Breatharian) state. Mental and Emotional Benefits: (Can be felt in 1-3 months of pratices) Peace, calmness and clarity Emotional balance and reduction in irritability and stress. Heal painful emotions like anger and resentment. Increased Euphoria and Joy. Spiritual Benefits: (can be felt after 6-9 months of practice) Increased spiritual awareness. Ability to awake psychic abilities. Ability to go into deeper meditation more effortlessly. Warning: It can be harmful to look at the sun during non-safe hours (the time between one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset). Even during safe times, use your own intuition and common sense to gauge whether the sun is safe or unsafe at the time you are watching it. If you eyes are blinking very rapidly or if your face is getting heated up during the practice, you are probably watching the Sun during non-safe hours. Beginners are encouraged to do sun-gazing when UV index is absolutely zero when the sun is dark orange or red in color (towards the beginning of sun-rise or toward the end of sunset). Say if the sun was to rise at 6:40 am for example the safe time to sun gaze would be between 6:40am to 7:40am, and say as another example if the sunset was to take place at 4:30pm then the safe time to sun gaze would be between 3:30pm to 4:30pm. You start by watching the sun during safe hours 10 seconds a day, and gradually increment the time you watch the sun by 10 seconds everyday until you reach 45 minutes (it will take 9 months to reach this number). Upon reaching 45 minutes you can revert back to doing sungazing for 15 minutes a day to keep the benefits. During the safe hour, take off your footwear, and stand barefoot on bare earth. The best choices to stand on and practice sun gazing are Beach sand, mud or dirt. NEVER Stand on Grass as it will drain your energy. If you cannot find bare earth like sand, mud or dirt; it is okay to practice on some other surfaces like concrete, tar road or on terrace although you might not get full benefit. (During winter months it is okay to watch the sun the sun through the window of your house or with your footwear on) Start watching the sun. (Take your contacts or eye glasses off if you use any before sungazing) You can allow your eyes to blink and flicker naturally. Just watch the sun naturally like you would watch any person from a distance, there is no special type of looking or gazing that needs to employed . Just stand erect comfortably and watch the sun naturally. If your mind wanders, gently bring the attention back to watching the beautiful Sun. Relax your neck and feel your feet while watching the Sun. Have a conviction that the sun cannot do you any harm and that the light of the sun is beneficial to your mind, body and spirit. Even if you don’t have this belief, you will still experience the benefits; but having faith in the process allows you to experience full benefits more easily. The very first day of sun gazing, watch the sun (during safe hour) for a maximum of 10 seconds. On the second day, you can watch the sun for 20 seconds, and on third day you can watch the sun for 30 seconds. Keep increasing your practice time by 10 seconds every day. If you have really sensitive eyes like blue or gray eyes, then increment it just 5-8 seconds every day. You can use a cell phone timer or Kitchen timer to set your practice time accurately. Do not look elsewhere during the practice , just keep your attention on the sun effortlessly. Note: If on some days you are not able to watch the sun, do not count those days. E.g. If you are on day 7 and have built up your practice time to 70 seconds; and on day 8 and 9, you are unable to do sun gazing (because of weather), then on the next time you practice you should watch for 80 seconds only and not 100. Keep a journal and keep track of how long you watch the sun every day. If you miss too many days of sun in a row, use caution and intuition to judge how long to gaze. Go back few minutes than previously reached limit, and gaze only as long as it feels comfortable and build it back to former duration slowly over the next several days until eyes get used to the sun again. Note: If you normally wear glasses, REMOVE your glasses when you do sun gazing. Your vision will improve gradually as you do the sun gazing practice but you will need to update your glasses accordingly to keep the benefits or you may reverse the effect by using the same glasses. Best effects are seen when you can remain without glasses for a few months if possible so that you can allow your vision to improve naturally. Also use sun charged water as eye drops for other vision related benefits. After finishing your practice close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed for at least 30 seconds until the internal image of the sun fades away. During this time you can visualize spreading the energy of the sun from your crown to the rest of the body. You can also say a prayer if you wish. Use your palms to close your eyes and let the eyes relax. Slowly turn away from the direction of the sun, and uncover your palms and slowly open your eyes. make sure while opening your eyes, that you are looking elsewhere and not looking back at the sun. This step will help your eyes recover and reorient easily. You might notice that your vision has improved and everything looks sharper and clearer. In 3 months you would have reached 15 minutes of sun gazing per day (provided you haven’t skipped a day), In 6 months you would reach 30 minutes , and in 9 months you would reach 45 minutes of sun gazing per day. After you reach 45 minutes, go back to 15 minutes of sun gazing a day. Alternatively, you take off a minute every day until you reach 15 minutes of sun gazing per day, and continue doing 15 minutes of SG every day. Continue to do barefoot walking 45 minutes a day on Bare dry warm earth. Bare dry warm earth (no grass) is the second best source of sun’s energy, and helps activate your pineal gland and recharge your body.

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