How To Perform Sigil Magick

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I see many people on here getting confused on what sigil magick is, how to do it, etc. And I see people try to explain WHAT it is, but not explain HOW to do it. Here, I will be explaining how exactly to perform sigil magick. It's a lot more simple than it sounds.

What is Sigil Magick? Sigil magick the use of symbols in magick to manifest something, make things happen, etc. All you need is a pen and a paper. Candles are optional. How to perform sigil magick: Get out a paper. I recommend printing paper, since it is plain white, with no lines, or ink what so ever. On the top, you need to write what you want in all capital letters. Some people consider the universe to be like a giant mirror. If you write 'I DESIRE MONEY' What will you get back? Just your desire for money. It's best to write in present-tense. Also, some people like to write 'IT IS MY WILL' before writing down their will. Personally, I don't always do this, but I think its best especially when my will is a extremely small sentence. Here are some good examples; -IT IS MY WILL I HAVE LONG HAIR -IT IS MY WILL (Friend's Name) HAS GOOD LUCK -IT IS MY WILL THAT IT RAINS And so on. Now that you have written your will (in all caps), here is the tricky part. Our example: IT IS MY WILL I HAVE LONG HAIR Start with the first letter, and cross out every 'I' in the sentence. Then, below your Will Statement, write the letter I. Keep doing this throughout the sentence. IT IS MY WILL I HAVE LONG HAIR Will eventually turn into.. ITMYLHAEONGR (or something like that) Need an example? Video 1: video 2: Finally, step three. Drawing your symbol. You're going to use every letter in the new 'word' you made. For example, our word is: ITMYLHAEONGR So, I start my symbol by drawing the letter 'I'. This letter can be sideways, upside down, small, long, etc. It should not look like a normal I, pretty much. Then, go down the word. For example, our next letter is 'T'. I will draw the letter T in the symbol. The better you hide your letters, the most likely you'll forget what the symbol means...which is what you want! So, now you have your symbol. Draw a circle around the symbol (it doesn't have to be a perfect circle) but the circle must be closed. Cut off the top of the paper with your Will Statement and your new word, leaving just the symbol (in the circle) on the paper. How to charge your symbol Place your hand over the symbol (Around three inches off the paper) and focus on energy coming out of your hand, into the symbol. You may light candles and take energy from their, or you may picture mother nature's energy coming out of the ground, wrapping around your legs, through your body, through your arms, into the symbol. Or the Universe's energy, coming down, through your head, into your body, through your arms, into the symbol. Picture energy all around you going into you and into the symbol. You can picture this energy different colors, like electric blue, gold, bright green, etc. You may feel a buzzing warmth. It may feel warm a second, then normal, warm a second, then normal, over and over again. You may feel cold, tingles, numbness, vibrations, etc. The longer you charge the symbol, the more intense the results should be. Other ways to charge your symbol: I always did this when I would charge an item. You can set it in the moonlight/sunlight, place it over candle's smoke, burn the paper, place it around herbs, etc. _____________________ Good luck. If you need any help, have any questions, etc just mail me! -ToxxicWishes xoxo

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