What is an Aura

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This describes what an aura is.

What is an Aura? The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body as well as every organism in the Universe itself. The human electromagnetic field is also referred to as human energy field, auric egg, or of course Aura. Some spiritual groups link the Aura with the astral body and or consider it the subtle body. The electromagnetic energies or aura surrounding a person have different densities that come out from the body. In a healthy person, the energy field will appear to be the shape of an egg surrounding the body. This gives reason why the aura is sometimes called the auric egg. The energy extends between two to three feet from the body beginning at the base of a person?s feet and extending into the earth and ending above the persons head two to three feet into the air. Some believe the halos found in ancient pictures could have been a person?s perception of an aura. Halos are also considered a disturbance in the perceptional ability of someone that is experiencing a migraine or seizure. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aura_%28symptom%29 Legacy chronicles

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