Consercration & Deconsecrate an Object

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Consecration is the blessing of objects which are intended for ritual use. It imbues the tool or object with the spirit of the person doing the consecration, and also with the sacredness of the Lord and Lady. All objects which will be placed on the altar should be consecrated.

Cleanse the item with holy water (sea salt and pure water, or ocean water). Sprinkle it on the front, back, & sides, bottom & top, if any. Cover it on all sides.

Pass it above a candle flame (white or appropriate color for the item's purpose) pass over front, back, sides, etc.

Pass it through the smoke of good incense (pebble or herbal - do not use stick incense for this) frankincense & myrrh, Gloria, or church incense is best. (If you haven't a censor, you can use a heat proof container filled half-way with kitty litter, gravel, aquarium rocks, or just dirt, or sand and use incense charcoal - do not use grill charcoal!) Let the smoke permeate the item. This is called "censing" or "smudging".

Then anoint with oil & repeat this simple charge (or your own words to this effect) 3 or 9 times:

"I hereby consecrate this _______ with the powers of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. that it shall be used only for good, according to my will and divine law. May it serve me well in this world, between the worlds, in all the worlds. So Mote It Be."

Items that are only to be used once in circle and then not again, need not be consecrated, if they are to be kept on the floor, or a nearby table.

Once an object is no longer used for ritual, it should be "deconsecrated", in which it is returned to it's mundane activity and the object disassociated from the spiritual uses and users. This is good to do before giving an object that has been used for ritual to another person for their use. This will release any spiritual energy you have invested in it.

To deconsecrate an object or item, you will use the same procedure as you used to consecrate the item, only this time you will say:

"I hereby deconsecrate this ________ and return it to it's mundane state. I purge it of all energies and functions, save only those with which it was made. Lord and Lady be my witness, So Mote It Be."

Please note that any elements you are going to subject your item to must be ones that won't hurt it! If you are consecrating a piece of paper, naturally you are not going to put water on it! A drop or two on the corners would be sufficient. Likewise, salt water can cause some crystals to break if they are not properly cleansed thoroughly afterwards. And there are tools that you wouldn't want to get anywhere near a candle flame, such as a feather used to direct smoke from the censor. PLEASE use your common sense when performing any consecration or deconsecration!

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