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Meditating is not so easy, it takes power and can also help you with your magick.

Meditating is very important to spell casters. Meditation can help you learn how to focus your energy and how to control it. Meditating is hard for a very large amount of people because some  have trouble using their magical energy within them. I have trouble myself, I'll admit it.

If you meditate your spells will have a stronger chance of manifesting. If you do a healing spell and you know how to meditate then you can heal someone in your mind while you're doing so; If you are really good at meditating then here is a more challenging way of doing sod, meditate while doing a spell. If you are doing a healing spell, for example, then you can just put your hand over the scratch or something then you can just channel your energy on to the spell then it work faster and better.

I hope you young spell casters become advanced with magic by using meditation. Good luck and, like meditation, magic takes work.

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