Little Telepathy Knowledge & Fun Practice

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Ever feel like talking to a friend secretly? Telepathy is no magical ability. Instead, it is a scientific-unproven theory.

Telepathy is an aspect of extrasensory perception in Psychology; parapsychology to get specific. Nothing about it is really magical. It is the idea of being able to transfer thoughts or feelings from one person to another. Unlike popular belief, telepathy isn't simply about being able to tell someone something word to word simply with their brain. Telepathy can even be about being able to feel one person's emotions or thoughts or even aspects of it. Though, it resides in theory and it not considered fact. Extrasensory perception is the idea of being able to sense things by means that are beyond the five senses; a sixth sense.

This was a little fun thread that a pervious coven member wrote about their idea on practicing telepathy. All the instructions below were of the original poster. The thread has been edited so we can discuss a more scientific approach to it.


Send message:

Visualize the person's face. Then a color and focus on that color as much as you can. After a moment ask the person what color they saw.

Recieve message:

Visualize the person's face snf focus on them. A color should appear for a few moments. Tell the person what color you saw.


  1. This works better with simple colors(red, blue, green, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, etc)
  2. Once you get better you can use different shades of a color, symbols, and then even entire pictures or words.
  3. Start out close together(like back to back) and after each correct one move farther away.
  4. It is normal to get a headache after this exercise.
  5. It is not very wise to try and access someone's mind when they are not willing.

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