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The definition of a aura, a compiled list of aura color meanings, and tips on learning to view auras.

What is an aura?

An aura is an electromagnetic field of energy surrounding living things that consists of a blend of colors reflecting aspects of a persons personality and emotional state. A persons aura is constantly changing as your life is always changing. Researchers have traced a belief in auras dating back to biblical times and can be seen depicted in Christian art. Light surrounding celestial beings can be seen throughout the centuries in multiple cultures around the world. The concept of an aura is not just held within religious and occult beliefs but is believed to have some scientific basis. Some consider the most important experimental investigations into the subject to have been conducted by Dr. Walter J. Kilner (1847-1920) of St. Thomas Hospital in London and he published a book titled The Human Atmosphere in 1911.

The 5 Divisions

There are said to be 5 parts or divisions of an aura: health, vital, karmic, character, and spiritual nature

Aura Color Meanings

Technique to see auras provided by HannaJaide

  1. The first step is to locate a white object to use as a background.
  2. Second place your finger against the white background and stare at your nail.
  3. It may take time but soon you should begin to see colors surrounding your finger or nail.

A similar technique consists of holding your hands in front of your eyes, in dim light, until a white aura/outline becomes visible. With practice you should become aware of other colors over time and some people practice with inanimate objects, such as fruit.

Sources: (Article by RainCaller about aura color meanings) (Article by HannaJaide about learning to see auras)

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