Lucid Dreaming

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Introduction to Lucid dreaming and some methods

Lucid Dreaming
Lucid dreaming is basically dreaming and knowing that you are dreaming. In Lucid dreams you control your dreams. Lucid dreaming enables you to have power over your dream, thus you don't have to be afriad or scared when attampting lucid dreams. In lucid dreams you will be able to fly, you can change into anything or anyone, you can go all Superman without worrying about Kryptonite. You can create an entire world and live in it. Lucid dreaming is a lot of fun and should be tried by everyone. Lucid dreaming is often practiced because in that state of mind, you have complete access to your unconcious mind which will give you unlimited access to information and abilities. Lucid dreaming is a way to find refuge within your mind.  
How to Dream Lucid:
The first step is to improve your dream recall.
This is important because we often have lucid dreams but we don't remember them when we wake up.  The whole point is to try and train yourself to remember your dreams, thus also remember your lucid dreams.
This can be done by keeping a dream journal. A dream journal is a journal that can be of any size or shape, its purpose is to write in dreams and dreams alone. Keep it next to your bed and every morning when you wake up, before you even think about getting out of bed and into the shower, write down everything you can remember. Carry your dream journal with you during the day, because we often remember more information relating to our dreams as the day carries on.
The second step is starting to do reality checks.
We do reality checks to differentiate between dreaming and reality. This is the most important step because here you will realize whether you are having a lucid dream or not. Some methods that I find excellent for doing reality checks are:
Pick about 2 or 3 reality checks which works the best for you, and start doing them every single day. In fact do them about 2 or 3 times a day. By doing this you are training your mind to do reality checks, so pretty soon you will start doing them without realizing it, and then in your dreams. If you do a reality check in your dreams you will immediately realize that you are dreaming and it will become lucid.
The Third step is controlling your dream and ensuring that you don't wake up the second you realize you are dreaming. (Stabilizing the dream)
Often times the second we realize we are dreaming we wake up or the entire dream starts to fade away. When this happens there are certain things you can do to overcome this and stay in the dream realm.  The overcoming of waking up and staying in the dream by ensuring it doesnt fade away is called "stabilizing the dream".
We stabilize the dreams by:
If you can perform all 3 steps explained above you are capable of lucid dreaming. Go sleep and have some fun :) Hope you liked this and Blessed Be!

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