Spell Correspondences - Elements

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Correspondences are used during spellwork to give a spell extra power. Everything on Earth has certain properties and energies it gives off, and using those energies is a way to help make your spellwork more powerful.

The four elements: earth, air, fire, and water, are very powerful. Of course. But each contains a certain energy you may want to borrow for a spell. Below is a list of each element and their properties. Earth Direction: East Colors: brown, black, purple, and green Ritual Symbol: pentacle Energy: feminine For spells involving fertility, stability, jobs, business, health, and money. Air Direction: North Colors: blue, yellow, and green Ritual Symbol: wand or sword Energy: male For spells involving memory, divination, travel, addiction, tests, intellect, and psychic powers. Fire Direction: South Colors: red, orange, and gold Ritual Symbol: athame or sword Energy: male For spells involving strength, sex, protection, success, competition, business, and health. Water Direction: West Colors: blue, white, gray, and pink Ritual Symbol: chalice Energy: feminine For spells involving friendship, love, childbirth, purification, love, dreams, healing, and clairvoyance.

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