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This article tells about the meaning of the circles and some reasons for having them.

A magick circle is a place where a Witch does her magick. The reason we form a circle, rather than a triangle or square, is because all energy moves in a circular manner, a spiral. A circle also symbolizes infinity, for it has neither a beginning nor an ending. We also live within the eternal circle of life--the cycles of the seasons, the Moon, the Sun, the tides, and the heavens moving above us. Working within a circle helps our psyches attune to the natural rhythms of divine energy that animate and regulate the order of the natural world. In circles, everyone is equal. No one is above the others. The shape of the circle also places each individual within view of everyone else. This creates an immediate intimacy, connection, and sense of community. And finally, the physical shape of a circle facilitates the movement of energy. It distributes energy equally throughout the practitioners.

There are several reasons for having a circle:

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