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Where to begin? If you are just now starting to awaken, there is so much to learn that it's mind boggling. I would like to stress here that the information below comes from my own personal beliefs, which have been evolved over many years with input from a huge variety of sources some physical, some not and my aim is to help other people understand what is going on around them at this time. If you have not yet had the advantage of access to this information, some of it may sound unbelievable to you but please do not dismiss it out of hand just because it is unfamiliar to you. If you are going to form an opinion on whether you believe the information or not, at least let it be an informed opinion. And if you don't believe the same things I do, that's fine too I don't expect you would find any two people who believed exactly the same things. I suggest you print this article out and refer to it often while starting your spiritual journey.

1. Keep An Open Mind

Many people start their spiritual quest (as I did many years ago) with an interest in the supernatural and ghosts, then explore spiritualism, witchcraft, tarot, angels, astrology, UFOs, meditation and generally dabble in all different forms of divination, religious and spiritual teachings. This is a great way of learning, and after a while you'll start to see how the different parts link together as part of a bigger web that incorporates new elements you haven't yet heard of. As long as your mind is open and receptive your knowledge will continue to grow. Sometimes that also means acknowledging that beliefs that worked for you before, no longer give you answers, comfort or the knowledge you seek. It doesn't necessarily mean they are wrong, they could be just limited because of antiquity, mis-interpretation, dogma or just be a smaller part of the bigger picture.

Nothing stays the same in the universe, and by putting all your energies into one area or thinking that the limits of spirituality are contained within that area, you can be missing out on learning so much more. All spiritual pursuits are learning experiences and part of a bigger picture.

2. Keep Your Personal Power

It is very tempting when you feel depressed, lost or alone to want to find someone who will make it all right and show you the way to the light. You will always attract the kind of lessons you need to learn, but you need to be able to discern the difference between a Teacher and a Guru (for want of a better expression). It is always wonderful to find someone further along the path from yourself to learn from, but a good Teacher will never insist that their way is the only way. A good teacher will help you on the path to further knowledge and help you to do things for yourself, leaving you personally responsible for your own progress, thoughts and beliefs.

There is obviously more personal responsibility in this but that is part of what you're here to learn. Retain your personal power and free will. Learn what you can from a teacher and when you are ready another will cross your path to teach you more. You will also find yourself teaching others who are starting their spiritual journey.

A Guru will let you give them your personal power. They will tell you how to think, what to do and how to believe. They enjoy the adulation you give them and wont ever let you know as much as they appear to, and like to have permanent bands of followers. Most are good people and are just trying to spread a spiritual message. They may not even be aware of the effect they have. By all means learn from them just remember to keep your personal power and an open mind, learn what you can and move on.

By asking your spirit guides (yes you have them) to help you find knowledge, they will help direct you to people and situations that you can learn from. Also note that not all teachers are people. A wonderful book may come your way or you may discover something profound on the internet; a channeled message, direct spiritual contact or even a life-changing experience may be your teacher.

3. Keep Your Money

Be aware of paying large sums of money for courses unless you're really sure what they can and cant offer. While there are a lot of genuine courses around, remember no-one can do it for you. YOU have to put in a personal effort to achieve anything worthwhile. There is no point paying $500 for a meditation course if you don't have the attention span to meditate to a 30 minute guided tape. There is such a wealth of cheap or free information available to you that you would be wise to explore these options first. $500 can buy a lot of really good books at the new age shop!

An excellent source of help for beginners is your local Spiritual Church. They usually have a very small door fee to cover the tea & biscuits and will introduce you to various spiritual teachings and local mediums. In addition to the Sunday service, many spiritual churches offer meditation and mediumship groups, healing and channeling evenings and various courses; some even have libraries of books to borrow. Your local spiritualist church is a friendly, enjoyable and cheap way to meet new like-minded friends.

And of course there is always the internet for great information! Between the Library on this site and the Links to other like-minded sites you should never run out of information.

4. Keep Protected

While you are starting your spiritual journey, it is important to realize that like the physical world, the spiritual world contains beings of various degrees of enlightenment, but with more extremes of good and bad than we have here. I mention this here because many young people write to me asking about using a Ouija Board, which does have the ability to contact various spiritual beings. Many people use the board for quick thrills or to see if it works. Well, I can tell you it does work and IT IS NOT A TOY. It is a tool which used properly in the right hands can be helpful and enlightening. If used wrongly, it can give you a bad experience that may taint your desire for further spiritual knowledge, and leave you thinking, as many people do, that the board itself is evil. I do not recommend beginners or children using the board.

5. Universal Laws


Witches have a creed: Do What Thou Will and Harm None, which is basically the slogan I use on this whole site. A true witch would never do anything to harm another person or being, or to influence their free will because the witch knows that what goes out from you comes back three-fold. This what goes around comes around, or reap what you sow theme is common to many spiritual traditions. You may have heard of its Eastern name of Karma. Whatever the creed, theme or name, it is a Universal Law part of the on-going cycles of life in the universe.

All life forms are connected to each other in a subtle web, so if you do harm to another, it comes back to you. It may be in a different form, it may be immediate or even in a different life but it comes back. Realizing this fact is part of your awakening because you have to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your actions. Not only should the enlightened person not start any negative action, but harder still is not perpetuating actions that are already in progress. Ill give you an example:-

Not starting any negative actions: Your ex-boyfriend is going out with someone new. A bad thing to do would be casting spells to bring him back or making his new love have an accident. Whether or not anything physically happened, your negative intent is enough to set up bad vibes that will make their way back to you. What you would also be doing is lowering your own vibrational rate with your negative emotions. When you become more enlightened you will see clearly that most relationships are temporary and that you came together at a certain time to learn something from that person and about yourself. Look at what you learned from the relationship, then let it go with love. Then your heart will be free to attract a new love.

Not perpetuating negative actions: Someone does something nastily or hurtful to you. You think you are justified in returning the hurt because they started it. That may not be the case. You may well have done something to hurt them that you're not conscious of, or even in a previous life, in which case you are now even and the karmic cycle has finished. By seeking revenge you would be staring a new karmic cycle of bad vibes. If the other person has just started a new bad cycle, then if you don't perpetuate it, the bad vibes will just go back to them what goes around comes around. Again, look at what you've learned and let them go with love.

This turning the other cheek is hard at first but after a while, you will find yourself becoming more calm, enlightened, loving and lucky because you aren't constantly bringing bad vibes on yourself.

Also, don't forget that you don't have to wait to react to bad vibes. You can send out good vibes any time you like and find that good things start to happen to you. Try sending love and light to someone who doesn't like you and see what a difference it makes!


This law is also very important. Have you ever wondered why the same sort of people all hang out together? Its usually because they are all vibrating at about the same rate. When you say such-and-such is on a different wavelength you are probably right.

One of the difficult things about starting a spiritual journey is finding you have less and less in common with partners, friends and family. Its nice when they take an interest, or are at least open-minded about what you're learning but sometimes people are so afraid of what they don't understand that they can even become hostile to it. If this happens try letting them read some material or meet your new friends they may just be concerned for your welfare or worry that you've joined a cult! Also try sending them white light from your heart to strengthen the relationship. As a last resort will you may need to cut the ties and let them go with love.

One of the positive things you will find is that you will attract new friends who are interested in the same things you are. These friendships too may come and go because everyone is growing at a different rate and people attract to each other while they are on the same wavelength and drift apart when the wavelength alters. The more people you come into contact with, the more you will learn.

This phenomenon is not limited to the physical realm. On other planes of reality there are also corresponding vibrational rates to your own. People who are going through spiritual growth find they attract new spiritual guides and teachers to help lead them on their journey.

The important thing to remember with these universal laws is that the more genuine love that you send out the more comes back to you your vibrational rate rises and you attract more love and enlightened beings to help and teach you. You gradually rid yourself of negative karma and increase your knowledge and skills that can be used to help others and another wonderful cycle begins. Of course a downward cycle is also possible where you attract more negativity to yourself and think the whole world hates you, but now that you are armed with all the information in this article you wont let this happen will you?!!!

Now take a deep breath, fill yourself full of white light and warm love


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