Black Magick Debate

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Black Magick in today's generation.

So, black magick, when people think of it they assume bad things like summoning demons, or selling your soul to the Devil etc. Well in fact black magick has become an increasing practice for most modern day witches in the past 10 years, it's mostly for "dabbling" though. Anyway black magick in general, is a form of magick which is directly centered at a paticular person, object, or even a numerous amount of people. For beginners it's no laughing matter, I have practiced black magick in recent years, although it does have some beneficial effects, it can also come as Karma, which as some of you know can be very horrible. These effects can range from depression to even sickness, when I tried out my first black magick spell within days I came down with severe depression, black magick in my opinion drains most of your bodies psychic energy which is put into a spell, so you may even feel exhausted after using black magick.

Anyway, black magick goes again the Wiccan Rede "An ye harm none, do as ye will" which obviously means don't harm anyone, black magick is an act that goes against someones free will if needed, it all depends on what kind of black magick spell you conduct, for example there has been debates on love spells that they may be considered black magick and yet they may be considered white magick, in my opinion love spells are more of "grey magick (meaning in between) " because some love spells give you or someone else that "push". If there were such out in the world right now, that would literally force a person to fall in love with another.

Now as said previously this goes against the Wiccan Rede. I think that beginners to the Craft should at least practice some form of black magick because it's for the sake of experimentation, but then again beginners could end up summoning a demon or something to kill someone by accident. Don't get any ideas beginners, the practice of black magick is just regular curses and hexes, because they don't go against a persons will or they don't physically hurt them, basically from my results the targets have been just terribly miserable or depressed.

So just as a warning be careful on what you do with black magick, because you could have unwanted results, I know one time I got so angry with someone that I placed a curse on them, I can't remember what type of curse it was, but the person just basically ended up severely depressed and they became severely overweight, and just continued eating, I tried my best to try and break that curse but so far it's to no avail. I'm gonna run you all through possible black magick results for things like curses, hexes and jinxes:

  1. Possible separation of a husband and wife
  2. Unhappy Married Life
  3. Having a headache, this is a sign of black magick the victim has pain all the time
  4. Making someone go astray
  5. The target remains sick all the time
  6. One loses memory for a long period of time
  7. There can also be difficulty in breathing if you do the right spell
  8. Magick using Voodoo Dolls (Voodoo dolls are real and serious magick and shouldn't be toyed with, if you don't take it seriously don't touch it).
  9. You can also make someone dreamless.
  10. Controlling one's free will in general.

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