If you want to Write Spells

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This is a simple associative explanation of spell writing.

Ok so you need a name that includes the effects and maybe some tools but you have limited room to write it. For the ingredients you should list everything( required and optional) and "nothing" is being ignorant, like for a psiball it might say "energy from grounding". Summary should be a descriptive short explanation of the effects and , again maybe 1 or 2 ingredients. For the process, start with your desired effect and think if some things associated with it(like a seashell for an ocean spell). Now have it used in words, an incantation, chant, or motion that is related to the item(s) or effect that would be sensical. In the end it should make some sense(not like waving a seashell in te air to make your patents take you to the ocean or something REALLY random) Now refine it for Spilling errors

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