spell to breathe under water/ breath air again

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you will need: a bowl filled with water 1 rose with petals all the way off your first sea shell sea salt a pencil and paper your voice

first write down this spell on the piece of paper with the pencil as neatly as you can so you can read it clearly and know what it says (to breath like a fish) "i will like to breath like a fish it is my greatest wish fish is not my favorite dish so mote it be" (reverse) "i am done breathing like a fish thank you for granting my wish fish is not my favorite dish so mote it be" now put your sea shell in the water and sprinkle sea salt in the bowl put your RIGHT hand in the bowl and recite the spell above. warning dont breathe with your lungs you will get invisible gills on your neck if it does not swim to the surface IMEDIATALLY!!!!!

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