Irish jig

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This is just one Irish Jig. In Irish Step Dancing there are a few set dances (the Blackbird, St. Patrick's Day) that are the same whether you are in Ireland or America. Other dances (all that are not set dances) including the jig, are different depending on your teacher. This is one example.

Here is an 10-step lesson to do an Irish jig: 1. Point your right toe out in front of you. It should be straight out from your knee. 2. Step your right foot and bring your left foot together behind it. This is the "one-two" 3. Move your toe up to your left knee and give a little hop. 4. Swing your right leg back so you are standing like a flamingo. Hop in place on your left foot. 5. Put your right foot on the floor behind your left foot. 6. Take three little steps in place behind you, starting with your left foot. 7. Repeat two times, all starting with your right foot in front. 8. Lastly, repeat steps three and four. Then repeat step four with your left foot going back in to the four little steps. This is called officially called rise and grind, although it is commonly referred to as "hop-hop back, hop back two-three-four" 9. Now you can repeat the entire thing, starting with your left foot in front. 10. At the end, point your toe again and take a bow! To the Irish, jigs are an important part of their culture. They do one every January 1st to give them good luck. They don't have to do it just on 1/1. They can do it any time they want, like before a test or race.

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