Angels of the Zodiac

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Planetary Angels also rule over the zodiac. The zodiac is split into twelve atrological signs, associated with known twelve constellations. Zodiac angels can help you understand your atrological birth sign personality. If/when you have your birth chart drawn up, you can also work with other Angels such as your 'rising' sign Angel, or your Mooon sign Angel.

Zodiac Sign / Angel / Qualities Aries / Camael / Assertive and confident Taurus / Hagiel / Reliable and practical Gemini / Rapheal / Adaptable and sociable Cancer / Gabriel / Sensitive and sympathetic Leo / Michael / Generous and open Virgo / Raphael / Efficient and analytical Libra / Hagiel / Harmonious and diplomatic Scorpio / Azrael and Camael / Intense and powerful Sagittarius / Zadkiel / Optimistic and adventurous Capricorn / Asariel / Careful and responsible Aquarius / Uriel and Cassiel / Idealistic and humanitarian Pisces / Asariel and Zadkiel / Artistic and emotional

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