Meditation Space

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best way to create/prepare meditation space.

We all need space to shut out the world. Your room or meditation space should be comfortably warm but well aired, especially if you use candles or incense. Keep it clean and simple; this will hieghten your concentration. Colour is very important to the ambience or the room in which you meditate; many people favour the classic simplicity of white, but you might prefer a pale blue, for instance. Create a simple angel altar as a useful spiritual focus, or perhaps have something from nature such as a beautiful crystal close to hand. Have a regular time and place for your meditation practice; the most conducive are dawn and dusk. Make yourself comfortable with pillows, cushions, rugs or even a cosy chair. Ensure that you are warm enough; use a blanket to cover yourself if you get cold. Make sure you will not be disturbed during meditation - allow at least an hour. A sacred circle Some people create a sacred circle as protection while meditating since it prevents outside unwanted energies influencing the meditator. Place four candles in secure holders in each of the four compass directions, making sure they are placed away from fire hazards, You can use more candles to represent the angel with whom you are working. Crystals may be used instead of, or as well as, candles. Some people like to stand in the centre of the circle and use their finger or Clear Quartz crystal to draw a circle of light; go clockwise (deosil or sunwise) to create the circle and anti-clockwise to close it.

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