Correspondences 101 - Wood

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An article about the correspondences of various woods.

Throughout history, wood has served a variety of purposes in human evolution. Wood provides us with shelter, warmth, light, enjoyment, convenience, and most importantly fresh air. Naturally, humans became known to attribute specific magical correspondences and properties to these woods, as they have done with so many other aspects of the universe. Below you can find a general description of the properties of many common woods, which can be applied for wands, altars, furniture, etc.


Alder (Masculine Energy)


Apple (Feminine Energy)


Ash (Masculine & Feminine Energies)




Beech (Masculine Energy)




Cherry (Masculine & Feminine Energies)


Elder (Feminine Energy)


Elm (Feminine Energy)


Hawthorn (Masculine Energy)


Hazel (Feminine Energy)


Hickory (Masculine Energy)


Honey Locust


Holly (Feminine Energy)


Ivy (Masculine Energy)




Maple (Masculine & Feminine Energies)


Oak (Masculine Energy)


Osage Orange (Masculine Energy)


Poplar (Masculine Energy)




Vine (Masculine & Feminine Energies)


Black Walnut (Masculine & Feminine Energies)


Willow (Feminine Energy)


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