Herbs and Their Magickal Correspondences

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A list of herbs and their magickal correspondences.

*Note: Herbs marked as Poisonous should not be consumed and should be handled with care. Some poisonous herbs, like belladonna, can leach into your skin and poison you. So make note of them.
*Always verify whether an herb is poisonous using varying sources. Also test if you have an allergy to an herb used in oils, potions and ointments by applying inside the elbow and waiting 30 minutes to see if there is a reaction. A little caution will help ensure a successful experience.*

Herbal Disclaimer:  Many botanicals, herbs, resins and spices can have powerful effects on the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. The herbs on this list are intended for ritual use and are not intended to mitigate or treat any health conditions. I recommend consulting a licensed health care practitioner for health issues and before using any product for these purposes.

*Note: Please keep herbs out of the reach of children and pets!!!

Aconite -- Also known as Wolfsbane, it can be used to make a wash for ritual tools & space.
Note: Poisonous, do not ingest & do not consume* 

Acorn -- Can be used in charms or spells for good luck, protection, wisdom, and personal power. Sacred to Druids and can be used at the tip of wands.

Adder's Tongue -- This herb can be used in spells and charms to stop gossip and slander or to promote healing. It has also been referred to as Serpent's Tongue and is often considered sacred to those gods associated with snakes.

Agrimony-- It is used in protection spells. It can also be used to reverse spells sent against you. It can also be used in sleep sachets that you place under your pillow to allow you a restful sleep.

Alder-- Used for protection spells and divination. Associated with music and weather magic and sacred to Druids. A whistle made from the branch of an Alder tree is associate with the old superstition of whistling up the wind.

Alfalfa --Used in spells involving prosperity, money and to ward off hunger.

All Spice -- This herb promotes determination and energy. It is also used in spells and charms that involve money, luck and healing. Can be used to create a healing herbal bath.

Almond-- Associated with wisdom, money, fruitfulness, and prosperity. It can be used in spells and charms or burned as incense to attract abundance. Be careful to specify what type of abundance you are seeking.

Aloe --Used for protection and luck. It can be hung in the home as a charm to attract luck and protection for those who live there. It can also be grown in pots and placed around the home to provide protection from accidents within the home.

Amber-- Used for protection from harm and success. Helps to clear the mind and bring prosperity. Burn as an incense to transform the ambient negative energy to positive energy.

Anemone-- Protection and healing.

Angelica-- This herb is an excellent one to use for protection against negative energy. It can also be used in healing & exorcism incenses. It can be used in purification and uncrossing spells. It can be used in herbal baths for the purpose of removing curses, hexes, or spells. Sprinkle around the outside of your home for protection of the home.

Anise-- Use in a sleep pillow to prevent disturbing dreams. A good herb to add to purification baths. Can be used in protection and meditation incenses. It can be used as an incense during the invocation of Mercury or Apollo.

Apple-- Sometimes considered the food of the gods. Apples play an important role in many mythologies and are tied to fertility gods. It is also considered the food of the dead and is burned at Samhain in honor of those who will be reborn in the spring. It is traditional to leave two apples in the woods when you are finished hunting as an offering to the Horned God. Apple wood is also used in the making of wands to be used when doing rituals dealing with the underworld. It is also considered a sacred tree by the Druids. Apple cider can be substituted for spells/rituals that require blood or wine.

Arnica-- An excellent herb that is used in salves for the healing of bruises and sprains. It can be applied to where there is pain and/or inflammation of the skin.

Bachelor Buttons-- Use in Love charms/spells.

Basil-- It is used for exorcism, protection and love potions. Sprinkled around the house to ward off evil/negative spirits. There is an old saying, "Where Basil grows, no evil goes!" and "Where Basil is, no evil lives." A gift of Basil given to someone moving into a new home will bring them good luck.

Bay Leaf-- Sacred to the god Apollo. This herb is used for protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, healing and divination. It is traditional to write wishes on the leaves and then burn them to make them come true. Can be used in charms that when placed under the pillow will induce prophetic dreams. Place a leaf in the corner of each room in the house to protect all that dwell there. Carry bay leaf or use in a protection charm to protect yourself against magical attack.

Bayberry-- Brings good fortune, luck, healing, and relief from stress.

Beeswax --Used for making candles, natural polish, protective finish for things such as wooden wands, and used in herbal salves to thicken.

Belladonna--- Note: This herb is deadly poisonous. Handle with care - Do Not Ingest -. Caution should be taken when handling because it can be absorbed through the skin. Its uses include astral projection and protection spells. It can be used in flying ointment to achieve altered states of mind. It is not recommended though because people have died using this herb. Even some who were quite familiar with its use.

Benzoin-- A resin used for purifying, for success, meditation, and stress reduction. It can be used alone as an incense or as a binder in making incense. It works well as a fixative in the blending of other resins together. It enhances the scent of other resins when mixed in. A must when making incenses that use resins.

Bergamot-- Used in spells and charms involving money, prosperity, protection, stopping outside interference, and promoting restful sleep.

Black Pepper-- Used in spells and charms that banish negativity and protection from evil. Also used in exorcism.

Brimstone-- Another name for powdered sulfur. Used in spells and charms that dispels or prevents a curse/hex. Can be used to remove an enemy's power over you.

Buckeye-- A good herb for divination. It can be used in spells and charms to bring good luck and attracting money and wealth. Used in Hoodoo as a charm for gamblers.

Cactus-- Used for protection and banishing. It can be mixed with other banishing symbols for protection. Grow in the home or garden for protection of the home. Best to place in all directions of the home (north, south, east, and west) to ensure full protection. It's needles, instead of whole plant, can be used in spells/charms for protection.

Carnation-- Can be used in healing and protection.

Cashew-- Used for money spells and charms.

Catnip-- An herb sacred to Bast. Effective when used in rituals involving cats or cat deities. It can be used with other herbs in love spells and charms. If grown near the home it will attract positive spirits. It can be used in charms to bring good luck.

Cedar-- Use in spells and charms to promote strength, money, protection, healing and purification.

Chamomile-- Use on spells and charms to bring love, healing, and reduction of stress. Sprinkle around the house for protection and to dispel curses. Burn as incense for de-stressing and meditation. Make into a tea and drink for a restful sleep. Used for luck in gambling and to attract wealth.

Cherry Bark/Wood-- Used in lust spells. Can also be burned as an incense to aid in divination.

Chili Pepper-- Use in spells and charms to promote fidelity and love. Use to "spice" or "heat up" a relationship. It can also be used in spells to break curses/hexes. Place them around the house to break negative spells placed on you or those in the home.

Chives-- Used for protection and weight loss. Mix in food with magical intent to promote weight loss or protect those who eat the food.

Chrysanthemum-- Protection. Grow in the garden for protection of the home. White is the best color of flower for this, but any color will do.

Cinnamon-- Use in spells and charms to draw money & prosperity. Also used to raise spirituality and promote healing, success, protection and luck. Can be burned and an incense to promote protection, wealth and raise spirituality.

Citronella-- Burn or use in charm to protect and cleanses the aura. Use in charms and spells to encourages creativity and clear the mind. Also used to repel insects.

Clove-- Used in spells and charms for protection, love, money, and exorcism.

Clover-- Use in spells and charms to promote fidelity, money, love, and success. Also used for protection. Used in the consecration of ritual tools. Place around the home to drive away negative spirits.

Cloves-- Used to cleanses the aura. Use in spells/charms/incense for protection, banishing negative spirits/energy and to stop gossip. Burn as an incense to purify an area. Also used in exorcisms.

Coltsfoot-- Sacred to Brighid. Use in spells and charms for wealth, prosperity, visions and love.

Comfrey-- Use in charms for safety and protection while traveling. Use the root of the herb for money spells and incenses.

Copal-- Used in incense for purification, consecration, contact with other planes, exorcism. Can be used in charms and spells for the same as listed for incense.

Cypress-- Sacred to Apollo. Hang in the home for protection. Burn cypress wood to lessen the grief of death or to aid in divination. Carry as a charm at funerals to ease the mind and lessen grief.

Daffodil-- Love, fertility and luck. Keep in the home or altar to keep negative energy away.

Daisy-- Use in spells and charms for lust, love and luck. This flower is associated with babies and newborns. Use in baby blessings and during Wiccanings. Place in babies room for protection. Wear or carry to draw romance.

Dandelion Leaf-- Not just a weed. Used in summoning spirits, healing, purification and defeating curses or negativity.

Dandelion Root--- Used for divination and calling spirits. Use in dream pillows for sleep protection.

Dragon's Blood--- Used for protection, increasing potency in magical works and purification. Burn as an incense to increase the potency of spellwork. It is excellent in banishing and exorcism.

Echinacea-- Used to add power to charms, spells and incenses. Can be used as an offering to spirits.

Epsom Salt -- Typically it is the salt used in ritual baths and bath salt recipes. Add a small amount to cauldron water to keep smoke down.

Eucalyptus-- Great for protection and healing. Can also be used to purify any space. Can be used to fill healing poppets or charms

Fennel Seed-- Use in spells and charms for protection, healing, and purification.

Fern Leaf-- Dispels negativity and promotes mental clarity. Can be used to cleanse and purify a space. Put in a room where you need a clear mind to think, such as an office.

Foxglove-- Plant near house or in the garden for home protection. Used in spellwork/ritual to contact the underworld.

Frankincense-- A resin. Can be used to represent the Divine Masculine. Often combined with myrrh to make a temple incense. Used for protection, cleansing and purification. Burn as an incense for protective work, consecration, and meditation.

Gardenia-- Promotes peace and healing. Use it's dried flowers with other healing herbs to bring comfort to one who is ill. Place potted flowers in room to promote a peaceful energy.

Garlic-- Used to invoke Hecate. Uses include healing, protection, exorcism and purification. Can be used to guard against negative energy, harmful magic, spirits and jealousy of others.

Ginger-- Adds to the strength and speed of any mixture of which it is a part. Use in charms to promote protection and good health.

Ginseng-- Used in magic workings of love, beauty, protection, healing and lust.

Goldenseal-- Used in healing rituals, money spells, and spells to bring success. Use in other spells and charms to increase the power.

Gum Arabic-- Use for protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement. Use as part of incense mixture burned during meditation. Use to consecrate boxes that hold ritual tools.

Heather-- Used in spells and charms for protection and luck.

Hibiscus-- Used in spells and charms to attract love and lust. Used for divination and to promote dreams.

Hickory-- Used in spells and charms for protection, love, lust and legal matters.

High John-- Often called the "all purpose" herb. It is used for strength, obtaining success, victory in any situation, gambling, luck, money, health, love and protection. Great for use in ritual work focused on prosperity.

Holly-- Used as decoration during Yule. Used to promote a stable marriage, love, luck and dreams. Plant outside the home for protection.

Hollyhock-- Used in spells and charms to increase the flow of money and wealth. Grow near the home to promote success of those who live there.

Honeysuckle-- Used in spells and charms to draw money, success and wealth of material objects.

Hyacinth-- Sacred to Apollo and gay men. Named after Hyacinthus; Apollo's fallen male lover. It symbolizes homosexual love. Used to attack love, luck and good fortune.

Hydrangea-- Used in spells and rituals for hex-breaking, attracting love, promotion of fidelity and to bind.

Hyssop-- Used for purifications. Used to consecrate ritual tools and items made of tin. Steep in water to use for the physical cleaning of altar, ritual tools, temple room and ritual bath. Can be made into charms to clear negativity and evil spirits from a home.

Ivy-- Used in protection, healing, love and fertility. Hang an ivy plant by the front door to protect from negative influence and to discourage unwanted guests.

Jasmine-- Use in charms or burn the flowers to draw wealth and money. Use in dream pillows for restful sleep or burn as an incense in the bedroom to bring prophetic dreams. Helps to bring inspiration and create new ideas.

Juniper-- Burn as an incense for protection from harmful magic. Can be used to banish all things detrimental to good health. Attracts positive energy. Can be carried as a charm to promote potency in men and/or attract love.

Laurel-- Used for protection and love. If worn by a bride it is said to guarantee a long and happy marriage.

Lavender-- Used for protection, healing, love, sleep, purification, and peace. Great addition to sleep pillows and bath spells.

Lemon-- Used for cleansing. Squeeze a lemon in water to make a washing mixture to remove negative energy from ritual tools and altar.

Lemon Balm-- Use in spells and charms for love, healing and success.

Lilac-- Used for wisdom and good luck.

Lily-- Used in spells/charms/rituals for fertility, renewal, marriage, happiness, and prosperity.

Lily of the Valley-- Repels negative energy. Can be used in rituals/spells to stop harassment. Can be used to promote longevity in marriage. *Note: Use with caution - Poisonous* 

Lime-- Used for protection. Used in magic for purification and to promote peace of mind.

Lotus-- Used in magic for love and protection.

Mandrake-- Used for protection and exorcising evil. Use in charms and spells to promote prosperity and fertility. *Note: Use with caution - Poisonous*

Maple-- Used in magic to bring love and good luck. Use in spells and charms to bring money and/or wealth.

Marigold-- Can be used to aid in prophesy, legal matters, love, dreams and business or legal affairs. Fresh marigolds will cleanse and disperse negative energy in a room they are placed in. A yellow dye has also been extracted from the flower of the plant by boiling.

Marjoram-- Used for cleansing, purification, and the dispelling of negative energy. Can be used in charms or sleep satchels placed under pillow to bring pleasant dreams.

Marshmallow Root-- Used for protection and to enhance psychic powers. It can be burned as incense for protection and to enhance and stimulate psychic abilities. Place some on your altar during ritual to draw in positive spirits.

Mint-- This herb promotes energy, communication and vitality. It draws in positive spirits when placed on your altar. Place in the home for protection. Do not plant directly into ground. It will overtake your garden/yard. Keep in a pot.

Mistletoe-- Used in fertility spells and charms. Can be used as a protection charm from negative energy or curses. Use as a charm for luck while hunting. *Note: Use with caution - Poisonous*

Monkshood-- Used in charms to protect from evil. 6nly the flowers are used because the roots give off fumes during the drying process. Good for misdirecting enemies. *Note: Caution, Very Poisonous, do not consume*

Morning Glory-- Used for binding and/or banishing spells and rituals. Can be used to bring people or objects towards you. Use the vine to wrap around a poppet to bind someone. *Note: Caution, Poisonous, do not consume*

Mugwort-- Use in charms that are carried to increase lust & fertility. Can be used in healing charms to cure illness. *Note: Caution - Use in well ventilated room*

Mullein-- Used in charms that protect from nightmares and negative magic. Can be used in the invoking of spirits. Use in dream pillows to prevent nightmares. Use in charms to help attract love from the opposite sex. Can be used in place of graveyard dirt in spells.

Myrrh-- Feminine herb used to represent the Goddess. Promotes spirituality, meditation, and healing. Will enhance any magical working. Increases the effectiveness of any incense blend it is added to. Often burned with frankincense as a temple incense.

Myrtle -- Use in charms to attract love and true friendship.

Nettle-- Stuff in a poppet used to turn back a spell on the one who cast it. Used in dispelling of fear and negativity. Sprinkle around the home to drive away negative energy or negative spirits.

Nutmeg-- Used in magical workings to attract money/prosperity, luck. Also used in spells and charms for protection and breaking hexes. Can also be used in a good luck charm.

Oregano-- Used to bring happiness, strength, vitality, and additional energy.

Orris Root (cut)-- Used to aid in communication and helps to open dialogs with others. Can be used in herbal baths for personal protection.

Orris Root (powder) --Referred to as 'Love Drawing Powder' in voodoo/hoodoo. Used in spells and charms to bring love, romance and mates. Can be used as an herbal bath to attract love.

Osha Root-- Used in charms and spells to protect against negative and/or evil spirits

Pansy-- Can be used in love charms or love magic.

Parsnip-- Used in male sex magic.

Patchouli --Used in spells, sachets, baths and mixtures to bring money or love. Can be used in charms or incense to promote fertility. Burn as an incense at your place of business to promote growth of the business.

Peony-- Used to protect from hexes. Brings good luck, good fortune, and prosperity. Hang in the home or plant near home for protection. Known as a flower that will attract faeries. The flowers & petals have the positive qualities listed, however, the seed is called a 'Jumby Bean' and is used in spells for promoting dissension and strife.

Peppermint-- Used in spells and incense for healing and purification. Place in a sleep pillow to ensure restful sleep. Burn as an incense when moving into a new home to clear out sickness and negative energy from previous owners.

Pomegranate-- Sacred to Aphrodite. Use in rituals to aid in fertility.

Poppy-- Used in charms and spells to promote fertility, prosperity, love and abundance.

Poppy Seeds --Used to bring love and luck. A popular ingredient used in food magic. Use in a sleep satchel to bring relief from insomnia.

Primrose-- Used in spells to promotes the disclosure of secrets and to reveal the truth. Discourages dishonesty and secrecy.

Rose Buds-- Used in magic that bring divine love, close friendships, domestic peace/happiness, and lasting relationships.

Rose Geranium-- Turns away negativity that comes in the form of gossip or false accusations.

Rose Hips-- Used in healing spells/charms and mixtures. Use in charms to bring good luck. Use in ritual to calls in good spirits.

Rosemary-- Associated with the Faye. Can be used in healing poppets for good health. Used in love/lust spells. Can be used in herbal baths for purification. Burn as an incense to remove negative energy and purification.

Rue-- Used in magic for healing, health, removal and protection against the evil eye. Use as an aspergillium to dispense salt water for purification of the circle or removing negativity from a place. Burn as an incense or use in poppets to prevent illness or speed recovery. Add to herbal baths to break hexes and curses that have been placed on you.

Saffron-- Used as an aphrodisiac and for magic involving love, healing, happiness, lust and strength. Often used in love magic, healing spells, and weather control. Can hang sachets of saffron in your home to bring good luck.

Sage-- Burn for self purification and the purification of an area or ritual space. Bundle dry leaves or loose leaves to banish negativity and negative spirits from an area or home. Used in healing charms and incense. Removes negative energy.

Salt Peter-- Highly combustible. It is used in charcoal tablets to help ignite them. It is what sparks when they are lit. Used to keep male lovers from straying. Also used for exorcisms and other purification rites.

Sandalwood --Used to clear negativity from a home by sprinkling it around the property. Use as an incense during protection, healing, and exorcism spells. The wood can be used to make healing wands. Used to help align the chakras for better energy flow. It is a good incense to burn during meditation.

Sea Salt-- Most kosher salt is sea salt. Represents earth on the altar. Used for cleansing, purification, grounding, protection magic and ritual. Used with water for asperging, consecration and casting circles.

Skullcap-- Used in sleep pillows for relaxation and peaceful sleep. Used in rituals as incense to bind oaths and consecrate vows. Used in baths to cleanse yourself of tensions and stress. Burned to diffuse disharmony and disruptive situations. *Warning* Pregnant women should not use this herb because it can induce a miscarriage.

Snapdragon Flower-- Used for protection, exorcism, and purification

Solomon's Seal Root-- Used for protection, exorcism and cleansing. Used to drive away evil/negative spirits.

Spearmint-- Used in magic for healing, love and protection while sleeping.

St. John's Wort --Use in charms to prevent colds & fevers. Used to protect against all forms of negative magic used against you. Use in charms to protect against evil spirits. Burn to drive away evil/negative spirits. *Note: Caution, Poisonous, do not consume*

Sulfur (powder)-- Used to dispel or prevent a curse on you. It destroys an enemy's power over you.

Thyme-- Used in spells and charms to attract loyalty, affection, and the good opinion of others. Burn as an incense or use in charms and hang in the home for banishing and purification of the home. Bring into the home to attract good health for all occupants. Use in dream pillows to prevent nightmares and facilitate a night of restful sleep.

Valerian-- Used in spells and charms for love and protection. It can be used to purify sacred space. Used as a substitution for graveyard dirt in spells. Add to herbal baths for protection.

Venus Flytrap-- Used for love and protection magic. Having a Venus Flytrap in the home aids in protection of the home.

Vervain-- Used in spells and charms for protection, purification, money, healing, and restful sleep. Can be used in prosperity spells. Add to herbal baths for cleansing. All purpose protection herb for places and people.

White Sage-- Use for smudging or for purification.

White Willow Bark-- Used to guard against negativity and negative spirits. Can be used in healing spells.

Willow-- It is associated with the element of water. Used in magic for protection, divination, inspiration, healing, fertility, love, grief and death. In fact, anything that has to do with the element of water. Can be made into wands that are used for intuition, dreams, visions and inspired writing or images.

Wormwood-- Used in magic and charms to remove anger, inhibit violent acts, and for protection from curses. Use as incense for clairvoyance, enhance divinatory abilities or to summon spirits. Can be used in spells to bring them strife and misfortune. *Note: Caution, Poisonous, do not consume*

Xanthan Gum-- Used as an incense bonding agent.

Yarrow Flower-- Used in magic and ritual for healing, hand-fasting and divination. Used in spells and charms to draws love. Used to banish negativity and promote peaceful relations especially between married couples.

Yew-- Used in breaking curses, raising the dead and protection against evil spirits.

Yucca-- Used in spells and charms for protection and purification. Used to curses, hexes or illness.


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