Connect with your Spiritual Guide

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It is spiritually beneficial for you to establish a communication in this life for this will help you accelerate your spiritual unfoldment as well as prepare you for the life to come.

Step 1

You need to establish a regular time to sit for meditation in order to attune yourself to your guides/angels. The guides/angels are also eager to establish a connection and need to know when they can draw close. Self-discipline is important so that the guide only draws close when he/she is invited to do so. A regular time for attunement helps both sides to blend your consciousness.

Step 2

Sit upright in a comfortable chair and let go of all stress, allow yourself to slip into a deep relaxed state. As you become relaxed you will notice your breathing slowing down. Let the warm feeling of relaxation spread upward from your toes and feet until your whole body is completely relaxed.

Step 3

Once you are completely relaxed, you will notice that your mind is slowing down. For a while just enjoy being in this comfortable state. You are totally relaxed yet remain alert and awake.

Step 4

The spirit guides are able to influence your consciousness when your mind is quiet and still. This allows them to align their rate of vibration with your own. Within this stillness you will become aware of the gentle loving vibrations of your guides. At no time are you in danger and you are always in complete control. You are establishing a spirit-to-spirit communication and at no stage can the guide, or anything else for that matter, take you over.

Step 5

During the state you may have a glimpse of someone who was known to you and who loved you, such as a wife, husband or parent. These Clairvoyant visions may make you feel happy and inspired. Be encouraged if you see swirling colours or visions from your own mind, as this shows that your mind is opening to new ideas and inspiration. Also, be aware that not everybody “sees” the spirit people. It is just as valid to inwardly “hear” or “feel” your spirit guide.

Step 6

Pay close attention to everything you experience during meditation. The thought processes you are having will help to strengthen the link between you and the spirit world. You may also discover that this technique increases your ability to communicate telepathically with people in this world as well as in the next.

Step 7

It is most important to realize that what is happening is real. You are being given guidance from intelligent spirit people. Broaden the bridge between you by inwardly thanking them when you believe that you have been given a glimpse of your guide/angel or have intuitively received some helpful information. Your thoughts are potent forces that go out from you and influence the world. They will be received by those in the spirit-even if you are not aware that they have “heard” you.

Step 8

Be patient. Do not bombard your guide/angel with a stream of requests. You may, of course, ask the occasional question, but the answer may not always come immediately. You will get a reply when you are ready to receive it. You will not be receptive while you are straining your intellect, reaching for the expected answer. Your answer may come though during meditation, or during a later period of reflection. It may be given to you coincidentally, such as an overheard conversation, or something you read in a book. Know that you will be guided.

Step 9

Discovering the identity of your guide/angel is not of primary importance. It does not matter whether your guide was a great saint, philosopher, pauper, or king. What matters is the quality of the spirit person who is helping you. It is often the most humble people who live the most spiritual lives. Do remember, however, that even though they are part of hierarchy of angelic beings dedicated to helping people with a spiritual intent, these guiding spirits are limited beings, like us.

Step 10

Your most important insights will come in the form of a silent influence, as these spiritual beings blend with your own character and thought. They will help you overcome your negative traits, inspire you in times of crisis, help you rid yourself of selfishness, and enable you to become a better person. Intervention by angels, throughout time, has been accepted as an important part of most religions.

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