Magickal Tools

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These are tools used for magick.

Athame - Element of Fire and the symbol of God cuts through negativity. Treads the circle, facilitates the will to power and control. Pentacle - Element of Earth and the symbol of the Goddess and the craft. Protects, aids in manifestation. Chalice - Element of Water and the symbol of the Goddess. Holds the sacred drink of life. Wand - Element of Air or Fire, phallic symbol of the God. Will to power and control. Scissors - Symbol of the Goddess, the triple moon cuts the thread of life. Offerings used as gifts to the powers that be. Incense - Element of Air and Fire, carries our prayers. Draws our desires. Thread of Life - Used to bind and weave fate. Candles - Symbols of life, the soul. Flame burns through the thread of life, the wick, the wax, the body. It can represent a person, place, or thing. We are all drawn to the light. Links are like bridges to that person, place, or thing. It can be any item loved or belonging to that person, place, or thing. There are many tools of the craft that can be used to manifest your desires. These are but a few. I hope this helped. Blessed Be.

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