The Other Side

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Where we go when we die.

Sleep and death are one in the same. We cross over to the other side, the dream world by many names: Heaven, Aster, Elysium fields, Hades, the underworld, and the garden of shadows. Home it is within us and all around us. It is the world of spirits, the land of fairy tales, myths, and legends. It contains the past, present, and future. All the heavens and hells of every religion, and all our memories and knowledge.It is the world of the mind and the kingdom of God and the Goddess, and all our ancestors who we came to worship as deity. It is the dream power we call true magick, the power of the mind to manifest our thoughts as reality, so shall it be. Have fun in the dream world sweet children, it is home and all your brothers and sisters are there, mother and father, too, who are the lord and lady so shall it be. Blessed Be.

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