Dragon Magick

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A brief explanation on Dragon Magick. There are different beliefs and paths, this is just basic information.

1. What is Dragon Magick? It is calling upon dragons to aid you and work with you on your journey. Dragons can be called upon to give more power to your spells, but more often they grant us knowledge. Dragon Magick is a rather solitary path. While one can work in a clan, Dragon Magick dives deep into ones subconscious. You must face fears and memories long buried. As such, Dragon Magick calls for a lot of self-discipline, inner strength, courage, and the ability to seek knowledge on your own. As well as, knowing when it is appropriate to ask others for help. Dragon Magick is not a religion, so many couple it with Wicca, Druid, Egyptian, and other paths. It is rather spiritual, but it does not have Gods, or holidays [normally] so many choose to incorporate Paganism in it. It is a form of high magic, so it can be dangerous. Dragon's are cautious around humans by nature, if they sense fear, or are mistreated in any way, they will lash out at the person who summoned them.

2. What are Dragons? Some believe dragons were once beings who dwelled in the physical, but humans began to slay them, and now they dwell in the astral. Occasionally, a dragon will return to the physical realm to visit, but they will be astral beings, so most will not see them. There are many types of dragons, European and Ling are most widely known, but there are also Lindworms, Wyvern, Marsupial, Amphiptere, Icedrake or Frost, Faerie, Dwarf, Hydra and many others. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colour. Some have wings or no wings, some four legs, two legs, or no legs, some breath fire, others frost, and some spit venom.

3. How Old is Dragon Magick? The belief in dragons is ancient, and many traditions in Dragon Magick date back thousands of years. However, Dragon Magick it is believed, is a concept that is fairly new, cooked up by D.J. Conway. If this is true or not, it is not important. Dragon's are ancient, as well as their strength and wisdom, and this path is very personal, full of inward gazes to build yourself up as a practitioner.

4. How do we Communicate with Dragons? There are different methods, but the two most common, and best ways, are through meditation and astral projection. With meditation, dragons come to us, and we can see them clearer. Astral projection, we are traveling to their lair, to speak with them. All dragons react differently, so use your judgement when approaching them. In meditation, dragons come to us, but we are approaching them in the astral. If they walk away, do not chase after them, unless they want you to follow, they will attack you.

5. Do I get a Dragon of my own? Sometimes. Normally, dragon practitioners have two dragons; a guardian and a guide. The guardian dragon normally comes to us while we meditate, it's a young dragon, and typically the size of a puppy or cat. They are rather energetic, and they protect the home from unwanted beings. Not all have them however, and sometimes dragons just visit ones home. Don't get discouraged if you don't have one, and don't assume a traveling dragon is yours, your guardian dragon will tell you. The Guide is an older dragon who will be your teacher on your path. They normally stay in the astral. Sometimes you may have more than one, but don't get discouraged if you don't have one the first time you meet a dragon. It takes years.

6. How Long Does it take to become a Dragon Master? There is no 'Dragon Master' and you can't really 'Master' Dragon Magick. You always strive for knowledge, and are always working to improve yourself. in most paths there are four [or five including teachers] levels. To advance from beginner can take years, decades sometimes. Certain aspects of Dragon Magick can hold people back, even scare them away. To study Dragon Magick, you must conquer your fears.

7. What are Some Milestones, or Tests, you Must complete? After dedication, there is the Riding the Dragon ceremony which scares most people off. It's not as simple as it sounds, normally a Chaos dragon, but it can also be your Guide if you've met them at this point, will take you on a spiritual journey to face all the things you wish not to. An example, if you were abused as a child, the dragon will make you relive it. You must come to terms with it, accept it, and move on. If you have yet to do so, and there is some lingering hurt from it, it will be exposed and magnified. Similar, if you have a fear of drowning, you will be plunged into water and forced to 'sink or swim' overcome your fear or be lost to it. it's an intense ritual, taking a long time to complete depending on how much you have buried, or how long you put it off. It needs to be done though. Afterwards, there will be tests, but they are revealed by your Guide. As with the Riding the Dragon Ritual, you either pass, fail and retake it, or run away forever.

Remember, Dragon Magick is not for everyone, it is not a way to become an all powerful magic user, it is a spiritual journey that will bring great wisdom and power. You cannot lord over dragons, you cannot order them around. Working as equals is the only way to work with dragons. Other facts one should know ~Dragons take things literally, so choose your wording carefully. ~Dragons love riddles and symbols, and will communicate in them. ~It takes a long time to earn a dragons trust, but you can loose it in a heartbeat. Always be honest and truthful, not just with dragons.

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