Black Magick

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Article telling you about black magick.

Okay since the dawn of white magick there has also been its enemy black magick. Magick is delicate if you are not in control your magick can take over your mind and thoughts. If this happens you will start wanting to do more than good. You will want to do stuff to get what ever you want, and also if you experience heart break and your magick is taken over your body you will want to curse him or her that is black magick. Even though black magick seems awesome it's dangerous. It can harm not only you but people you don't intend to hurt. Black magick is uncontrollable. You can mean to do one thing and end up doing something you don't want to do.

Signs of black magick:
1. Look into his or her eyes.
2. Evil look on his or her face.
3. Black magick is usually found by a trail of a funny smell.

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