Clearing and Breathing Exercise

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This article explains the importance of breathing and how to clear your energy.

Clearing and Breathing Exercise

This goes without saying, but breathing is extremely important for our survival. We seem to inhale and exhale every 1 to 2 seconds, which is fine but not the best. Breathing is more than just something that keeps you alive, it's power as well. Those who meditate will understand that breathing is important when it comes to focusing, relaxing, and getting into a meditative state.

Breathing helps us balancing our body, mind and spirit. If you can master breathing in and out 8 times per minute your energy levels will be amazing and you will have a sense of well-being, you will feel light and one with everything around you. The feeling may be different for everyone, first you want to build yourself up.

Here are the exercises and their benefits:

Different Stages

- Inhale; holding the breath; exhaling; holding the breath 

Do this sitting up right or lying down.

4x2x4x2: Stimulates your glands and messages your heart.

6x3x6x3: Balances your emotional body and reduces anxiety.

8x4x8x4: helps you enter a meditative state and balances the frequency of vibration in your body’s cells.

10x5x10x5: very stimulating and invigorating; it speeds up the metabolism.

12x6x12x6: charges your mental energy, clears the mind and rejuvenates your memory.

14x7x14x7: induces serenity of mind.

16x8x16x8: the most advanced breathing sequence – if you can master it, it will significantly boost your overall well-being and help to clarify you karmic path. Example:

Inhale 16 secs and hold breath 8 secs exhale for 16 secs and hold breath for 8 secs.

To help you master this, you could practice this when you’re bored at work or before going to bed and after you wake up. If you practice this before you go to bed, you will relax yourself to sleep and when you wake you could do it help you wake up faster.


References: Breathing benefits Info from "Energy Secrets the Ultimate Well-being Plan by Alla Svirinskaya".

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