Earth Goddess Give and Recieve Ritual

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This ritual is performed with the help of dryads, to obtain results that are connected to the element Earth.

Tools you'll need

The Ritual

Start of by giving greetings.

Sit by the tree you chose and feel comfortable with, preferably out of sight of others and with no distractions. Proceed by lighting your candle and incense, now hold up your bowl of water and recite, stating your need:

" I invoke the dryads, spirits of the trees. I offer you this water as gift, so in return i may receive your blessing. I am here for _____________"  and i need you to ___________."

It's strongly discouraged to ask for money since money does not grow off of trees, you need to ask for help on natural things, like  financial needs you may need help on working, which is using your physical body. It also works if you have protection needs, either for yourself or someone else.


Give blessings and farewell. You might do this by reciting:

"Thank you spirits of the trees for your precious blessings, may your spirits forever live in peace and serenity. Good day/night and blessed be."

Now before you go you must wait until the candle is burned down completely, because their spirit will linger there until it is over, so it is not advisable​​​​​​​ to leave the candle burning by itself. After the candle has finally burned down and so as the incense, take the water on your bowl and pour it around the whole tree. Gather your things and cover the incense ash with a bit of dirt from the ground.

Final thoughts

You can't just rely on the spirits to protect you or the person of your choosing, you need to take caution as well. Which means harmful substances for your body are a big no. Be it alcohol or smoke.

You also can't just expect that if you did this for financial aid, money will appear from the ground. It will not, you have to physically do things as well, like searching for a job. You may not rely on the spirits to do their jobs over-night, things take time.

Remember, they help but the work is mostly done by you.

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