Magick and life and life and magick

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A short article containing my ideas on how magick exists; its' very nature and how we should be honoured to be small parts in the machine.

Life is magick; can you not feel it? Just close your eyes for a moment and feel, truly feel the power that flows around you. Electrical wires; gas pipes; the runes created by the formation of trees and lampposts and streets. This is magic. Feel the energy that flows around all of these things. Does it not make you smile, and laugh, that there is so much life in this world of ours? So much magick? If not, then perhaps you should consider this: Our world will never die, never truly die, because the planet Earth is not just a planet, it is an idea. The idea that the human race, created or evolved, could do so much damage and then try so hard to remedy it, try so hard to make up for past mistakes. And then look around again, feel the stubbornness of the earth; and the calm knowledge of the sky; and breathe the gas running in pipes under your feet; and live the harsh, relentless electrical fire that roars above your head and in the walls and in the lights; when you think of all this life, how can you not smile? We are not alone because even though we have destroyed so much life consider how much more we have created! Magick is alive, it burns within us and without us and around us and beyond us. It will adapt as we do. We live the constant tick of the clock and the harsh electrical lighting; so does our magick! Magick is life and life is magick and I am we and we are I; nothing is truly separate because there is so much that we do not understand but we do not need to because it is magick! And this is the truth. Candles? Why not use the bright electrical fire that surrounds us? Circles drawn in chalk? What's wrong with a roundabout? Do you see now? There is so much life, and therefore so much magick, that we are little more that insects but it makes me laugh to see how this annoys people. It should be an honour; to be the only creature on this Earth of ours and be able to use the powers of creation itself in such a manner.

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