Secrets of Successful Visualization

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3 Secrets (practical exercises)

Visualization, or mental representation, refers to the brain's ability to see objects in the images. Visualization is the most powerful tool for the voluntary suggestion, which is known to date. The brain can not distinguish from the real events seen. For the brain seen in the mind of the events are real. This fact is scientifically proven. Visualization is used in the training program for flight "Apollo." When the athletes connected to a special apparatus, and they ran the distance only in his imagination, incredibly, the same muscles were activated in the same sequence as in reality. Although the athletes are actually sitting in a chair, their heart rate, as if they actually ran the distance. Now the experiment for those who do not believe it. Imagine yourself at the table at home. Presented? In front of you on the table is your favorite dish. Imagine this dish in detail, namely, how it smells, how appetizing it looks. Now you take the fork / spoon and start eating. Try to taste, enjoy eating ... Now, stop! Feel how much saliva in the mouth, in fact you did not eat this dish, but where did the saliva? The answer is that by visualizing your mind to believe that before you really eating, and, as a preparation for the digestion process, the body began to salivate at random. Given that the mind thinks in images, and everything transforms into images, visualization of a direct impact on your feelings. It should be pleasant to imagine anything as immediately appears on the face of a smile. Visualization - a method of forming images in the conscious mind, which leads to a sense of positive feelings. Five-minute sense of joy and happiness entails a good mood for many hours during the day, of course, if nothing changes it. One-time visualization of very strong influence on the mind, a good picture is good feelings, bad - bad. In order to render, can begin to shape your life, you need to fix it on a subconscious level, because the process of repetition is so important. Mood changes often, depending on external circumstances, therefore, try to visualize how you can provide a more distinct pattern. These pictures (images) cause a strong positive emotions. The secret is to learn through visualization, regardless of external circumstances to feel good. That these feelings will soon take root in the subconscious mind and will bring many good things in your life. The three secrets of successful visualization 1. Know clearly what you want. Before a session visualization clearly define what you want. Choose what you really want to achieve, rather than simply desirable. Deceive not succeed. If you are actually achieving the goal for you is not particularly important, the rendering process you quickly get bored, and you will no longer repeat the visualization. 2. Constantly repeat (at least 2 times a day for 5 min.) Be sure to repeat the achievement of the same goals as long as it does not reach. Repetition and is, to visualize achieving the same goal over and over again. There is no effect of the order to each repeat imaging to achieve different goals. The effectiveness of visualization increases with number of repetitions. You will feel its effectiveness to the extent that the mind begins to believe in what you visualize. Even after the visualization you will feel that it really has happened. Try to visualize the process was a joy to you. If suddenly you get bored, you will quickly forget about it and stop repeating. Make yourself, too, will not work. The extent to which you are given easy to repeat, depends on the goals you have set ourselves. see item 1. The process of repetition makes the goal of the dominant thought in your mind and the universe responds to a greater extent on your dominant thoughts. Do you understand why it is so important is the process of repetition? 3. Feel that visualize The universe accepts only the emotions and only responds to emotional thoughts and images. If you visualize and feel that it's really going on, the effect is minimal. If you can not bring myself to feel, do not worry, practice. Remember that feeling in this process - the main component. In the process of visualization is always and only Concentrate on the end result. Your part of the universe say what you want. And the universe will decide how to present it to you! She knows the shortest, most harmonious way from you to your dream. Note that all successful people initially did not know how they are implemented. They only knew that the implement. If you have no idea how this can happen, anything. You just watch carefully where you will have the option of some extraordinary developments. Do not give up and repeat imaging, even if nothing much happens. Wait for an answer. The response time varies from a couple of hours to several months depending on your compliance with desire. Do not be discouraged if at first you do not turn out. This is normal. Success is not easy. Visualization is one of the habits of successful people, so learn, practice, and most importantly believe that you will achieve your goal. And the universe always gives you a chance to achieve their dreams.

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