Make someone fall in love with you

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This spell will make someone love you. Yahoo

What you will need: One red Altar Candle. These are large, long-burning candles. Preferably unscented. an Adam and Eve root Paper Rose Oil Something to write with e.g. pen, crayon, pencil, blessed pen etc. Casting: This spell is best cast outdoors, on the night of the new moon. First, you will need to know the full name (first, middle, and last) of the person that you wish to make fall in love with you. Throughout the casting of this spell, you need to focus on that person as much as possible. Once you know their full name, write the following on your piece of paper: IT IS MY WILL THAT (The other person's name) WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH ME. BY EARTH, WIND, FIRE, AND WATER, BY THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, SO MOTE IT BE. While writing this, you need to focus as much as you can on the feelings you feel for the other person, and what you desire the outcome of the spell to be. Intent is everything when casting a spell. When you purchase an Adam and Eve root, it will come with two parts, a male and a female part. Anoint both parts with some Rose Oil, and carry the part that corresponds to your gender. The other part needs to be placed somewhere near the person that you want to fall in love with you. It is important that they spend time around the other half of the root. Once this is done, lightly anoint the paper with a small amount of Rose Oil. You will need to burn this paper shortly, so be sure not to use so much that it will not ignite. Anoint the Altar Candle with some Rose Oil as well, and while doing this recite the following: "As this candle burns, while (the person's name) is near the counterpart of this root (raise the half of the root that you kept), this wish (raise the paper) will come true. By earth, wind, fire, and water, so mote it be." Light the candle, and (Carefully!) burn the piece of paper in the flame of the candle. Let the candle burn for roughly two hours, then put it out. Once every day, when you think the person may be near their half of the Root, burn the candle for another two hours. Altar Candles can burn for a very long time, so keep this up. Each time you light it, you should focus on the person you wish to make fall in love with you. If the spell is successful before the candle is spent, you can stop burning the candle, but try to be sure that they stay near the Root. Always, always, always be sure to only burn a candle in a safe place, and never let a candle burn somewhere that you cannot keep an eye on it.

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