Samhain Ritual

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The time where the Veil between the two worlds is at it's thinnest, The Oak King dies and The Holy King rules until Beltane.

Decorate your alter with orange, black and yellow. Prepare a meal for your guests, setting extra places for those who passed on this year, or are welcomed guessed who return every Samhain. The Alter should have an orange alter cloth, and be decorated with festive symbols such as turnips, apples, nuts, and pictures of the departed among others. Once you are ready to preform the ritual, cast a circle and begin. "Tonight the veil grows thin, Spirits walk amongst us, once again. Be they family or friend or foe, Pet or critter or crow. Tonight be welcome here." Cut an apple crosswise to reveal the symbolic pentagram at the core: "In all things, we shall find the divine." build fire or light candle and pour apple cyder into the chalice hold the chalice above your head: "On this night of samhain, I honor my ancestors with this cider. We givith an offering to them, as thanks for all they hath done for us. Honor the gods and goddesses, For all they hath given us. We/I givith this cider offering onto them as thanks" Pour the cider into an offering bowl or into the fire, bow your head. Stay silent for a minute or two as the blessing is given. Proceed by lighting the black candle, but any Samhain colour will work: "Goddess of death and rebirth, with the year, the Oak King dies. The Harvests is complete. May the good come to pass and the bad be cast aside. With Your divine guidance and protection, I step into the New Year, ruled by the Holy King. Dearly departed God of summer, travel to Summerland in peace, be with us soon once more. With the flame of the black candle light the white pillar candle, saying: "The New Year is set to begin; new hopes and dreams. Jolly Holly King, watch over us in these harsh winter months. Keep us warm and safe, and bless our hunt." Let each person in the coven write down one wish or bad habit onto a piece of paper they hope to achieve/break in the coming year. Each will then burn the paper, either in the fire, or with the black candle representing the past year. For safety, have a cauldron or some fire proof container to put them in once caught on fire. Snuff out the black candle: "Every beginning has an ending, And every ending is a new beginning. In Life is Death, and in Death is Life. As we enter the new year may we all be blessed, May the Lord and Lady keep us safe, And may we all seek to grow better in this coming year."

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