Binding Variances

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Shows a few different bindings, and how they can be changed to suit your intent.

When people hear the word binding, they often think it is something negative. The thing is, bindings have many uses, and not all are for ill intent. You can bind a persons energy/ability. You can bind people together. You can bind a negative person to positivity. The possibilities are nearly limitless. You can alter them to suit your specific needs, and the supplies you have available. Lets start with a simple knot binding. All you need is a piece of rope or string. I would start with a neutral hemp rope. You can change the color to suit your needs or intent. Cleanse and protect your area. Sit in a comfortable position and focus your mind on the person you wish to bind. Think of the aspect of them you wish to bind (perhaps you wish them to not do harm to others). Focus on this while you tie a strong knot in the center of the chord. Put it somewhere safe. If you want to boost this, you can pour melted wax over the knot while focusing on sealing in your intentions. To bind someone negative to positivity: Once again, there are many ways you could alter this. I suggest you use a picture of the person, glue, a zip baggie, large white candle, lavender, catnip, and marjoram. Put these herbs in the zip baggie. Glue the picture of the person onto the baggie while focusing on bringing them happiness, harmony and peace. Light the candle and drip the wax over the picture/baggie to seal it while focusing on sealing in happiness, peace and harmony. If you like, you could say a chant similar to the one below. When finished, I would place in a container and bury in the yard. "I __ seal ___ from all negativity, bringing only peace, happiness and harmony" A binding to separate two lovers: This works wonders for splitting up a troublesome relationship, such as when one of them are verbally or physically abusive. Take a block of wood or stone. Glue a picture of each person on opposite sides of the wood, picture side facing out. Light a black or white candle and drip wax in a circle about halfway between the two pictures, so that it creates a dividing line. While doing so, visualize them drifting apart from each other. You could also write up something to speak as you do so. It does not have to rhyme, but should flow from one line to the next. Make sure you keep the words to your intent. Place it in a container to seal it, then bury it in the earth if you can. Binding two lovers together: This also could be done in many ways. One would be to take a picture of each person you wish to bind. You can trim them to take out other people and objects, or to make sealing them easier.. Stick them together, pictures facing inward. Light a pink candle (unconditional love) and drip the wax all over the pictures till they are completely sealed in wax. While doing this, visualize the two being together and happy. This should be done with their consent, but is not necessary. You could add a bit of their hair, clothing, blood etc. in between the two pictures. If you do so, do not use just one persons, as this could turn into a one sided relationship. You could also use herbs that promote love. A few suggestions of these are daisy, rose and rosemary. You could mix these in honey, or use honey itself to stick the pictures together. When done, seal it in a container and bury it. Another booster is to bury it at the base of a willow tree, which is said to grow and enhance true love. Binding a bad person to the negativity that they have put out: Say someone has done nothing but cause misery to others in their life. If you choose to walk on the "darker side" you could bind them to what they send out. Using something personal of theirs (picture, hair, cloths, nail clippings, valued object etc) Tie several knots around said belonging. If you wish, you can seal it in black wax. While doing this, focus on them getting back all the bad that they have put out in the world. These are just a few ways to show you how bindings can vary. The whole idea is that you are tying or sealing the person or being to something. You can change any binding to suite your needs. Just remember the main point is to focus on your intent and who it is you are binding. The tools and way you go about it should reflect your intent. You would not want to use a separation type binding to bring two people together. Remember folks, often times you get what you put out into the universe. Take care to think of that before doing any working or focusing on something. Love, light and blessings to all :)

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